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Remarkable Lifetime and Shocking Secret Love Story of Ross Mathews [VIDEO]

Hi all,

I enjoyed my experience on Straight Talk With Ross Mathews and the gang at their North Hollywood studio yesterday. I drove up from San Diego and was fortunate to be received by my buddy Jesse before the show. We had a wonderful lunch with time to spare to make it through L.A.’s famous stop and go traffic. Makes me grateful for the busy, yet smooth drives in San Diego – whew!

I was warmly welcomed by Willie and had the opportunity to read the group in their past life experiences and how these experiences add context and self-understanding to present life circumstances. I was also given the chance to read the auras of the group and had the hilarious honor of being Willie’s spiritual advisor on the dating game – friends or lovers? Find out!

I’ll be sharing more of my experience in a video diary coming out on my Youtube Channel, Everyday Spirituality shortly. I’ll talk about what it was like to be in the room with everyone, my read on the group dynamic, and address critical comments from the live feed (which I wasn’t aware of until a friend who was watching brought it to my attention). Nevertheless, it’s ALL GOOD!

Overall, the energy in the room was so fun and everyone was so open and warm that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience during the podcast recording. Simply put, the energy in the room we shared may have vastly differed from the chat room – but it doesn’t take away from the wonderful experience I had lifting the spirits of everyone in the room and delivering messages from Spirit that validates and brings joy into their lives. #youjusthadtobethere

If it looked like we were having fun, it was because we were! And, I’m so grateful for the experience and for my very special friend, Dangilo at Bollotta Entertainment for making the connection – he trusted his own intuition and look what happened! 🙂

On top of that, after the show, I got to have an animated and delightful dinner with an old friend who is currently writing scripts in the movie industry – you’re going to be seeing his movie coming soon!!

If you watched the live taping, thank you for taking time out of your day to show support and for just being there for me and for everyone in the group. If you watched it, please leave a comment sharing your feelings and experience. I’d love to hear what you captured from the taping.

Love and light –



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