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Psychic Self Defense: Emotional and Spiritual Protection For Those In The Service Industries

Spiritual Protection While Serving Others

After spending time with a demanding, emotional, or just negative client scan your body and mind to see how you feel. Do you feel grumpy? Do you feel fearful? Or, do just feel exhausted and don’t want to deal with people anymore? These are signs of energetic transfer. Learn how to set up the appropriate protocols to reducing the influence others have on our emotional and mental states.

Every five weeks I head to my hair stylist for a touch up. I know this may come as a surprise, but I am not a natural blonde. 🙂 Like scenes out of Steel Magnolias, we talk about everything under the sun – personal ups and downs, family, diets and recipes.  She told me she had a tough client just before me and it wiped her out, but she was glad that I came in to boost her spirits.

I asked her if she was aware that touching heads all day was energy work and that she was “combing through” their psychic junk. I recommended that she conducted cleansing rituals to release the energy of her clients. She hadn’t thought about that before, but the concept made sense to her… which inspired me to write this article.

If you have ever worked in a service industry (my first summer job was at a fast food joint and I sold shoes during college), then you know what it’s like to get bogged down by the demands and worries of your customers. I used to come into contact with people and then ruminate about their issues for days on end. I couldn’t figure out why… until I started learning about energetic transfers. Some people are emotional vampires, but most are not – they’re just stressed, fearful, and worried people who come to you for help.

Unwittingly, people tend to believe someone outside of themselves can solve their problems and as a result stick their energy onto others to give them relief. Like leeches, so to speak. Intended in the most visual way of explaining it, imagine how a leech needs blood to survive, feeding upon a host with adequate blood supply. People who are hurting or in an unhealthy emotional/spiritual/mental place, attach themselves onto the nearest, safest, and strongest person to hold onto. It’s a survival instinct. Unfortunately, we are not always aware that we’ve overstepped our boundaries and are literally sucking the life out of someone.

At the end of the day, spiritual protection is our responsibility. Some call this boundary setting. There are small, effective gestures for creating emotional and psychic separation so that we may continue about our business after our clients have gone.

Hand Washing

Those who are hair dressers, massage therapists, or anyone who must clean their hands for sanitary purposes can do this. As you wash your hands, imagine the sink as a portal, that with each swirl of the water that goes down the drain, the energy of your client goes down the sink with the water. Like a portal, the drain takes the energy – the thoughts, emotions, issues – of your client and sends it somewhere else. If you can’t wash your hands on a consistent basis, then simply imagine yourself going through the motions and envisioning a portal, swirling, sucking in the dead energy.


When I work with clients, I touch their hands. And, as an empath, I receive energy in my body and feel it in my arms. When I don’t release the energy that has built up, I experience incredible carpal tunnel and blockage in my arms. So, I take a nice oil with mixed with lemon grass and massage my arms in a downward motion after having washed my hands.

What’s Mine Is Mine

After a client leaves, I take my hand over my head and say, “What’s mine is mine” and toss the energy back behind me. Then, I say, “What’s yours is yours.” and I toss the energy in front of me. This small gesture and phrase emphasizes that your story is your story and my story is my story – thereby drawing the mental lines in the sand.

Flicking Off The Energy

Sometimes, I am out and about and I can’t just stop what I’m doing to wash my hands or rub a “potion” on my arms. After dealing with someone who has “bad vibes”, I flick the energy off of me where I feel the energy build up the most. It can be in the stomach area, the heart, or to our side. Take your middle finger and flick it off your thumb. As you do, see the dark spots flick away.

Learning Discernment

Some people want you to feel their discomfort. They say or do silly, inappropriate, and even rude things to make you feel bad, unworthy, miserable, etc. It’s childish, but adults do it all of the time. Learn to discern through mindful meditation what they are trying to project onto you and what you need to feel in order to gain wisdom and understanding. We don’t have to feel someone’s pain to be compassionate towards them. All we have to do is remember that we, too, have been there and take the step towards letting them know we’ve been there and to do what it takes to diffuse their emotional projections.

**Do you have your own protocols for spiritual protection? Share this article and tell us what you do!


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