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Past Life Regression Case Study: Pirates, Delivering The Goods, And Weathering Life’s Storms

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Past Life Case Study: Weathering Life’s Storms

A regular client came in to see me without a particular goal, except one – to figure out the identify of a “scary” looking man who had haunted his mind since a previous hypnosis session.  

I held his hands to tap into his energy and Spirit gave me a sensation in my stomach (which I chose not to verbalize) and took me to the brow chakra, the chakra of self-perception. With instruction to work on this zone, I then muscle tested my client to see if his subconscious was ready and willing to do the work it needed to do to heal the core root of the issue. With permission from him and his subconscious, we went into trance without any pre-talk.

He was taken into a world in a past life where this scary man existed. He was running from the man and was afraid that he might catch him and put him into a dark, deep hole that seemed to go on forever.

Going forward, he found himself walking among a group of settlers who were standing on a shore and watching a giant storm over the water and the ships and boats that were in the water.

He was instantly transported and found himself on a ship that sank. Stranded on the hull of the boat, he eventually found himself washed ashore. But this time, he found himself floating above his body, feeling a warm and loving sensation. He realized he had died by the time he washed ashore, but could not yet identify the relationship of this circumstance and the scary man.

Going back before this incident, he found himself upon a ship, among a group of men, sailors, who had surrounded the evil man. He and the men eventually tied this man to an anchor and dropped him into the ocean to drown. When I asked him who the evil man was, he said it was a pirate captain who had hidden himself within the ship in an attempt to capture the ship and its bounty.

When asked what was in the ship, he said it was a massive treasure trove of gold that was headed to the Mississippi River area. He and the crew were supposed to deliver the trove as they were in the navy and entrusted with this precious job.

Spirit told me to ask him who he saw among the crew that he recognized, he said he saw one of his best friends. He later told me that this friend had passed about six months prior.

When questioned as to why he still felt a connection to the evil man whom they successfully captured and sent to his watery grave in the past life, he said he felt a sadness and twinge of pain in his stomach when they did this. He was sad about all of the people the pirate killed and tortured, but it wasn’t all…

He took charge of the ship in order to put it back on course to their goal. We then discovered that there was a storm that his ship and crew encountered and after battling the storm, he found himself sitting on the hull of the overturned ship. His crew perished and the gold lost for good.

He felt a horrible guilt for losing control of the ship, took responsibility for the death of his crew, and believed that sending the pirate to his grave in a violent way as a punishment from God; the storm an omen of retribution. It was not long after that he made the connection to himself washed upon the shore, having died when the ship finally sank.

When all of the details were put together, he realized he was a French navy seaman delivering gold to New Orleans during what he believed to be was the 1600s. We were able to put together that he and his crew encountered a hurricane with hurricane force winds so strong that, no matter his level of sailing mastery, he, his crew, and his ship could not withstand the storm.

Having taken full responsibility for what happened, he held onto the guilt and pain of this tragedy which affected his perspective of himself as a leader and team captain at work.

With some discussion after the session, we made the parallel to a point in his life in which the issue cropped up: the economic crisis of 2008. The analogy of the “economic environment” was poignant in his understanding of what happened in his life in the years that followed the global economic meltdown and how he felt about everything, particularly his ability to “weather the (financial) storm”.

Having subconsciously believed that he was still “caught in the storm”, he reported having felt on constant alert for impending trouble and the stress of feeling guilty and responsible for his “crew” weighed on his psyche and his body.

Realizing now that his own financial crisis was directly tied to the “economic storm” around him and not as a result of his “failures”, he was then able to take responsibility for himself and not take on the unnecessary emotional burden of guilt over what happened in the world around him during that time.

Being a man of outstanding character, my client has always felt a great sense of responsibility for “delivering the goods” and for “protecting his crew”. When he felt that he could not deliver financially and protect his “crew” (family and professional associates) during the economic crisis, the remaining, parallel energy from a past life took hold, as a way of saying to his conscious mind, “Hey, I have known this situation before!”

I recalled to him a reading I had with his wife a few months prior in which Spirit said, “The storm is over. It’s done.” The connection that Spirit made to this previous life experience for my client was uncanny.

By the end of the session, my client was able to transform his self-perceptions as a leader and man as a result of understanding his past life experience, release the pain that he held in his solar plexus area, and could then fill the hole where the pain once resided with the freshly gleaned wisdom and affirmations.

My client left feeling that he now has everything he needs to weather life’s storms – and, if he needs to, simply sail around them.

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