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Overcoming Postpartum Depression with Hypnosis

As a survivor of postpartum depression, I know full well the range of emotional turmoil that this commonly experienced and underexposed experience creates for the mother. What should be an exciting and beautiful experience ends up feeling scary, hopeless, and draining. There are ways to heal and survive this silent scourge. Hypnosis helped me access unexpected sources of postpartum depression and gave me an opportunity to heal all of my psychic and emotional junk and leave them behind for good.

I experienced stress during my first pregnancy, but the depression didn’t fully reveal itself until six weeks postpartum. Admitting to myself that I was indeed experiencing a state of depression was hard, but I got to work on my number one priority: Taking care of myself – with a lot of help from friends and care providers – so I could be the best mother I could be.

In conjunction with other treatments (Eastern and Western) and care by healthcare professionals, hypnosis helped opened doors of self-understanding that healed the parts of me that were crying out for help. The inner-child and the parts of my soul that experienced previous lifetimes had messages of wisdom for spiritual and emotional growth that traditional talk therapy alone couldn’t reveal. The cathartic and awakening experiences helped release guilt, pain, and suffering that I carried consciously and unconsciously.

Through hypnosis, I was able to address the unresolved anger and sadness from my childhood and rid myself once and for all the seemingly inexplicable phobias and anxieties that once paralyzed me. At last, I felt like my truest self as a mother – confident, empowered, and happy.

Happiness is not just a feeling, it’s a choice. I’m glad that I was willing to do anything to heal and leave behind postpartum depression for good. I am thankful for the experience of postpartum depression because it opened doors to new found personal strength, friendship, and gifts that I didn’t realize I had before the journey began. I am even more grateful for my children for having set up this opportunity for my growth so I could be the natural mother that was always inside of me. Postpartum depression is a journey that you don’t have to take alone. You’ve got support just waiting to help you reach your bright new beginning.


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