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Organizing For Women’s Financial Happiness

I spoke with Shemaiah to talk about The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour and financial happiness on his podcast The I Am Refocused Podcast Show. This is the Part 1 of our episode.

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Generating Women’s Financial Happiness

Shemaiah: You have a Women’s Financial Freedom Tour. Tell us a little bit about that. How can people get involved?

Leslie: The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour is really helping women empower themselves and create a fresh relationship with money. You know, women are growing in the marketplace. As women in the United States, we control 80% of consumer spending 60% of the nation’s well we are getting advanced education at a higher rate than men today, up to 45% more. So we have an amazing position.

There’s so much more room for growth when it comes to our relationship with money. Because we find ourselves feeling in the financial industry underserved. Then, because many of us are young women who are becoming mothers, we feel that we’re behind in our careers. And we want to empower women to see their relationship with money in a completely different way. Not to blame men, but to really see everything for what it is and to really focus on how can I improve my relationship with money and get what I really want out of life as a woman outside of anybody else’s standards for myself.

Become A Community Organizer of The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour

So we’re inviting women across the country. But we’re starting in San Diego and to join us and have a real productive conversation about money. And if you’re listening, if you’re a man or a woman, or your financial expert, we’re welcoming you to come and become a community organizer. Bring your friends bring your colleagues, your company to have me come in, and we’ll start talking about how we feel about money. If you’re a business, or if you’re someone who would really like to add to the conversation in terms of empowering women become a community partner. And we just would love to provide information, resources, expert advice, but really began starting with this, how do I feel and think about money?

​Shemaiah: Make sure you definitely get The Money Formula? I mean, that’s the key point that’s a, b, c. d. Start from the beginning. Now speaking to empowering women. What is that one thing that they can do if they’re brand new to this whole money talks? Was that one thing they can do right now, after hearing this podcast to start their journey?

Leslie:  Well, what I what I really recommend them to do is go and buy their copy of the The Money Formula. It’s a very fast read. I designed the money formula to be 108 pages. So it is a good fast read, you can read it in an afternoon and really begin to evaluate what trigger words are sabotaging your financial relationships. And when you begin to see those patterns, your whole life will change in amazing ways. Because you’re starting to think and feel happier about money.

​Shemaiah: And that makes total sense. Because the way you think kind of determines how you act, how you act determines your results. So give us a little case study was some of the things they notice as far as the difference between someone who starts to see the fruit of your labor as far as money goes, versus someone who’s still struggling? What’s the difference was one person doing was the other one not doing.

Financial Happiness Isn’t Just For Men; Hear Peter’s Story

Leslie:  Let’s talk about one of the case studies in the book. This guy’s name is Peter and Peter had a really good job. But he continually felt pigeon holed in his career. And every time he would ask for a raise, he would not get that raise. And so Peter came to me and said, “What was going on? What am I doing?” So we did The Money Formula on Peter. And he realized in childhood, that he actually waited for permission to everything like to go outside and play with friends. He would call his friends and say, Oh, I’m so sorry to disturb you. But can So and So come and play with me today? And of course, the parents would say, Oh, well, sorry, no. So he patterned himself to expect rejection. And what he really wanted by playing with his friends was happiness. And for Peter and his circumstance, he equated more money to happiness. And if he was not getting permission to have more money then therefore he was keeping happiness from himself.

So when we did The Money Formula with Peter, he determined that when he didn’t need to ask permission anymore for a raise, he could actually give himself more money. And literally by just saying, I’m ready for more money in my life, and just believing that that was possible for him. And in Peter’s situation, his CEO ignored him, never responded to his request for money. But what happened was even better, Peter went and found another job he got, I think it was a promotion of $30,000 more working last time, less hours, more money, and he got the promotion and he got a better job and more money. So that’s one of those little things that The Money Formula can help you do is to tweak what you want out of life and give it to yourself.

womens financial happiness

​Shemaiah: And your about me section, it says, Chief happiness officer, how does happiness take a big effect on a person’s life?

Leslie:  Well, I absolutely believe that happiness is good for the bottom line. It’s good for business, when you are happy. When you’re feeling confident about yourself, and you’re passionate and you are tapped into your purpose, and your gifts and your own resources, people are just automatically attracted to that. And even better, you’re attracted the right people who are resonating with you, and seeing the value that you have. And those partnerships become more natural and more fruitful and abundant. I believe that if you’re tapped into your happiness, I.E. what’s important to you, what are your values, your purpose and who you are, the more attractive you are to other people. So I say that in my work, the happier you are, the more emotionally and spiritually mentally balanced you are, the more successful you’re going to be in the professional realm and on the long term.

​Shemaiah: That’s what this money formula is because it incorporates all those small details to form the bigger picture, and that’s the biggest problem for most people is not that they don’t have the means to do the things they never knew how to do it. Right?

Leslie:  Absolutely.

​Shemaiah: What will you say to that person on a five may get this book The Money Formula and say, you know, what, what if I went from our own business? What words of wisdom would you give someone who want to become entrepreneur?

Financial Happiness

Leslie:  My number one thing, Shemaiah, when I talk to people who are considering their own businesses, is to really tap into what is a the ultimate purpose that you want to serve in your community. A as in How do you see the world changing as a result of the product or service that you’re offering? And B. what are you an expert in What are you so good in that it’s almost impossible to find anywhere else? Because that’s where your commanding value is. And when you feel like you don’t have to give it away, because you see the value for it, then it becomes easier to have financial conversations and to command the value that you’re giving to your community. The people who are able to tap into those things feel more confident in themselves and it’s easier to have financial conversations and to make tough decisions because you understand your value and you understand your business’s purpose in your community

​Shemaiah: Confidence is clarity and without clarity you’re like throwing darts in the dark he never gonna hit a target So speaking of the individual right now they’re their listeners pockets in a ready go, man, I gotta get this The Money Formula. A lot of times we use of stuff and we end up burning out. What are some words of advice you have for someone who’s totally brand new to this, learn how money works, what words of wisdom we give, so so that they don’t burn out trying to do this?

Leslie:  Well, I am an expert on burning out because I’ve burned out myself. And I’ve helped a lot of people recover from burnout. And the one thing that I know know for sure about burnout is is that you’re not giving yourself the fundamental needs that you need to be happy. And I mean, I do it sometimes myself, because I’m so excited helping everybody else get their thing that I burn out in what I call “Care Taker Fatigue” right? And I encourage people if you’re working and you’re caring for everyone in your life, your your family, your kids, your spouse, or maybe a loved one that’s sick, you know, think about what is it that you really need? What is it that makes you happy?

Maybe money is not the solution. And the book doesn’t assert that money will make you happy. It means it’s a byproduct of your happiness and your relationship to it. But I asked you to really evaluate you know, what’s important to you. What is it that you really need to be happy and organize yourself in such a way that you could allow yourself to have an experience this things because I believe, Shemaiah, that happiness and abundance is just having more of this things that you love and that might not be material. It might be emotional or spiritual, but give it to yourself first. And The Money Formula helps you to re-prioritize and focus on what matters to you. Tap into your imagination, define your purpose for the money that you see to funnel into your life, visualize and really truly know that in this universe you can have what you want but you just have to be able to align yourself with it

​Shemaiah: Leslie Inc. solutions for finding happiness. That makes total sense what you just said. Because not only do people put themselves in the way but they allow other people to get in the way. Touch on that a little bit before we end the show. How can people prioritize their time so that they are not allowing other people to the block them from making the moves?

Leslie:  Well, what I’ve seen a lot of the times is that people make other people’s happiness, a condition for their own happiness. For example, I’ve seen couples come in here. And they say, I can’t be happy unless my wife is happy, or I can’t be happy unless my kids are happy. But what we do is we’ve taken their happiness as our own responsibility. And that’s a very dangerous place to be. So if you begin to empower people to find out what is their version of happy, what is their version of success, and then empower them to go get it for themselves. Then you’ll have the time and the emotional and mental space to give it to yourself, as well. Because we cannot enable people we have to give them skills we have to give them tools you have to give them resources and trust that they have the capacity to figure out what makes them happy and to create it for themselves

​Shemaiah: Tell us one more time when does does one is financial freedom tour take off?

Leslie:  So we’re taking off in San Diego and will hopefully be coming to a town near you. Were doing that and October and November of 2018 and if you are just listening to this and you feel like you really want us to be a part of it somehow in your town or whatever just give us a call (347-748-0513) you can email us workhappy [at] or visit us at Freedom Tour get involved and we would love to talk to you.

​Shemaiah: If there’s a business out there organization that will like your expertise. How can they book you?

Well, all they have to do is just go to or just email us directly at work happy at Leslie and say help my company work happy in the email subject mention Shemaiah’s podcast and we will be happy to help.

Photo by Hà Đoàn on Unsplash

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