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Mother Of Two Autistic Children: How Moms Add Value To The Workplace

Mom In The Workplace Can Be A Very Valuable Asset

I am a young mother to two small boys, four and two, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The highs and lows make each day a challenge. Having been a stay at home mother for over four years, I have recently began working part time since my boys began attending a special needs school.

Being out of the workforce for a few years makes returning to work a difficult challenge. Employers undoubtedly see the gap in my resume and think, “What could she possibly have to offer over someone else without children?” In fact, plenty.

Employers should be happy to know that having a mom on their team is one of the best decisions they could ever make. After a woman becomes a mother, her life experience and their corresponding skills explodes by 5000%.

Mothers are masters at multi-tasking. We can get you coffee, answer and transfer your calls and take messages without skipping a beat. Oh, and you need those files finished at the end of the day? No sweat. If I can cook dinner, feed the baby, and manage to eat myself, anything else is a cakewalk.

Our time management and organizational skills are our greatest assets. We are creatures of scheduling. Our lives are based upon a schedule with children. So, we’ll make sure you’re in your next meeting on time or that our projects are finished on schedule. We know what it’s like to have someone counting on us.

Need someone who can handle tough clients? Nothing says patience like a mom shopping with a screaming toddler who can manage to get what she came for, pay, and get to the car without crying herself. To the people who stare at mothers with a crying child: everything is under control. You can continue shopping without worrying about my parenting skills. No matter what anybody says, no one has more patience and self-control than a mom. That screaming, unhappy, customer who demands satisfaction is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to a child throwing a tantrum. Easy peasy. We refuse to sweat the small stuff.

How can employers meet us half way? Having an understanding, family-friendly employer makes all the difference. I promise it will make us work harder knowing that we are valued by our employer. Flexibility is key. That is all we need.

Having extra two to three personal days off in addition to sick and vacation time would be fabulous. Let’s face it, kids get sick… a lot. There will be days that I will need to take my child to the doctor. Having a sick child is stressful enough without having to worry about my boss getting bent out of shape because I need to stay home and care for my child. Having the option to work from home on days that I cannot be present in the office is a fantastic solution. If that is not possible, we can work later on other days or come in earlier to make up for lost time.

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is. Being a working mom is certainly no walk in the park. Being a parent in general makes for big challenges and tough decisions. So go ahead and give a mom a chance on your team. If you like all of your work done efficiently, organized, and done with the patience of a saint, you will not be disappointed! Just be willing to wiggle with us as we manage our families.

Editor’s Note: You can find Alisha’s children featured on the cover and inside Florida Crossroads August Issue.


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