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Messages From A Medium: Who And What Is Spirit?

When I sit down with wary or excited new clients and even friends and family who are just beginning to understand my work as an intuitive, the first thing they ask is, “Who is Spirit?” and “Why do you keep saying ‘Spirit says…’?”

Spirit Explained

For me, Spirit isn’t a ghost, soul, or some random spirit guide out there – while, I can and do connect those – Spirit is more specifically the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit as many in the Christian faith call it. Or, The Force, as I like to reference Star Wars a lot.

The most succinct way of describing it is through the words of Jesus Christ, “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” (John 14:26, ESV) Theopedia

That’s exactly how Spirit works: it teaches me things from the highest possible vantage point of understanding and helps me remember my nature as a little Godling. Spirit is an energy that helps to enlighten a situation and help us towards our best decisions for the best possible life and provides the propelling force of thinking and living a life of love and forgiveness.

Spirit gives me visuals, phrases, feelings, and information based on my context or frame of understanding. It goes through my own experiences and shows me information to help me understand the crux of an issue. Unfortunately, I am imperfect in my understanding and can misunderstand an otherwise perfect message and I can inaccurately say what Spirit shows me. I am constantly trying to just say what I see (give the information) instead of explaining what I think I see (interpretation).

Now, Spirit differs from the loved ones who have come through dimensions to communicate because these souls have opinions (positive and negative), regrets, personal messages, and feelings associated toward the person I’m reading. Last week, I literally had a soul say, “I would have chosen a different paint color for your living room.” That’s not Spirit – that’s a human soul.

There are other kinds of spirit beings out there: faeries, angels, nature spirits, spirit and ancestral guides, just to name a new. With education and awareness, we can come to understand them and Spirit will help us identify them and their purpose. For me, Spirit is the purest source of information out there. I trust it the most.

So, when I say, “Spirit says…” you may understand that I am referencing the Holy Spirit. It’s just faster to say Spirit. That’s all.

How Mediums and Intuitives Interpret Information From Spirit

When I do readings I always have to clarify that I am interpreting what I see from Spirit and I will also give the information that I experience because I could totally be wrong in my own interpretation.

I don’t like to claim to be right or wrong in my readings, either. In fact, when I hear other intuitives say, “Let’s see if I’m right…” I get this irked and disgusted feeling inside because Spirit works through me as a channel, not the other way around.  I’m not the fountainhead or source of information. Think of me as a bird delivering a message that’s tied to its leg. 

There are a ton of other religious and spiritual faiths, just like Christianity, that uses birds to represent the Holy Spirit – Hinduism, paganism, ancient middle eastern faiths, etc. But that’s a discussion for another time… the point is, the Holy Spirit is our faithful servant in assuring our connection with the Divine.

Humility is a major key when working with Spirit. Spirit wants to operate solely through the intentions of a pure heart and knows, at the same time, that we’re flawed and extremely limited in our own understanding. I constantly have to put myself in check if I am to experience a pure and helpful session for a client. When I work with clients, I say, “You’ll know how to interpret the information better than me,” because the messages that Spirit and their guides or loved ones send are for them, not me.

Understanding The Relationship

So, this is my best explanation as to who and what Spirit is to me. Spirit is the pure energy force that connects me to the wisdom of the Universe and helps me reference my own very limited database to understand the information that I’m receiving for myself and others.


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