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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Answers Your Questions: Do I have to disclose my previous salary?

No. You do not have to share your previous salary, but you will have to state your salary expectations. Discussing salary expectations is never an easy task, but I do have some solutions.

Turn the question around and ask how your previous salary will qualify you for the position in question. If they can’t give a good reason, then don’t answer. Know you’re not legally required to answer this question, but realize that you may be eliminated from the hiring process. If you can accept this, then you won’t be afraid to stand your ground.

If you are applying for the same job you’ve had before, respond that your salary was within industry standards and that you expect the job for which you are applying to match industry standards and adjust with your level of experience.

If you are applying for a position that requires more responsibility and performance than your last job, your response should include that the job for which you are applying requires more than your last job and should meet industry standards and should offer more than your last position.

If you know the industry standard, then mention it during this time. If you are open to negotiating salary, mention that, too.


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