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Job Search Success Story: Director of Mountain Operations

Matt’s Job Search Success Story

Matt Baird is one happy Canadian with a job search success story to share. He’s reporting that he ended his recent job search with a new job he loves! This is Matt’s simple, yet powerful story.

expatriate job search success story coaching los angeles

Matt’s Job Search Success Began With

Matt has an impressive resume, having designed and managed prestigious ski parks in Canada for over a decade. Because Matt worked in the action sports industry for many years, he knew he wanted to stay in the industry when his wife relocated to California for work.

Matt looked for opportunities at and read my articles through their weekly Malakye newsletters. Matt then realized he needed expert help and couldn’t make the journey alone at this point in his career. SMART MOVE.

Matt Reached Out To Me To Expert Job Search Help

He signed up with training with me where he learned how to develop and tell his professional story. Next, he learned how to negotiate his salary, and prepare for interviews. Also, I additionally introduced Matt to other Happy Campers who also experienced career success, networked, and got motivated big time to network. He also developed a strong belief in himself and his ability to get a job he loves.

Matt also worked intensively with me on hammering down his resume and assuring that his professional story was on point. Armed with a excellent story, empowered with confidence, and tools to make the interview a win-win – Matt created his job search success.

How To Be Like Matt To Create Your Own Job Search Success

Step 1. Tap Into Your Resources

Matt used to track job opportunities and he READ the Malakye newsletter advice articles! I’m biased because I write said articles – but they’re THAT GOOD!

Step 2. Hire Expert Career Advice

Leverage my 10 years of expert career coaching to make your job search faster, easier, and HAPPIER! Why learn the hard way by trial and error when you can just focus on getting results?

Step 3. Stay Dedicated To Your Vision

Matt knew exactly what he wanted and he didn’t give up. He applied the techniques he learned during coaching sessions and kept the faith – EVERY DAY. It’s not always going to be simple or easy, but you can make your job search success so. Matt made it to his check point and so can you!


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