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Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour & The Money Formula

Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour

Co-Owner Jen Fritschy Seine of Indigo Dragon Center Supports The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour. She became a community organizer using her serene office deck as a meeting ground for women and women business owners to change their relationship with money. At the event, Indigo Dragon center provided a healthy meal and copies of the book to women attendees.

Having been a long time client of Indigo Dragon Center, I was personally overwhelmed with gratitude for Jen’s support for myself, Leslie Inc., and for women who are eager to build financial wellness as a part of a holistic lifestyle. I have personally turned to Jen for support and healing during times where I felt overwhelmed, sick, and burned out. Thanks to her, I have been able to build resiliency and optimism during times of difficulty. I am so grateful that Indigo Dragon Center supports The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour and the mission of The Money Formula.

Leslie Juvin-Acker sitting next to Jennifer Fritschy Seine (right) reading a section of The Money Formula.

Leslie Juvin-Acker was able to sign books and offer words of encouragement to attendees of the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour.

About Indigo Dragon Center

Indigo Dragon is a full service wellness center based in the heart of beautiful Leucadia, California. We specialize in a wide range of health modalities from acupuncture, chiropractic and massage to midwifery, naturopathy, physical therapy, energy healing, classes and cleanses.

Our goal is to help you reach optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health in a peaceful, nurturing environment. Once you walk through our gate we meet you on your journey to well being, wherever that may be. From surfers and athletes to children and the elderly, our focus is on helping you be the best you possible at any stage of life.

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Become A Community Organizer

Would you like to have me, Leslie Juvin-Acker, come to your club, group, or business to speak to you and your group on The Money Formula book, financial literacy and empowerment? Become a community organizer and provide a safe, welcoming environment to discuss and break through difficult financial challenges to create the life and career you love. Learn more about becoming a community organizer. Hear interviews on The State of Happiness podcast and more.

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