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Improve Financial Security In 5 Proven Steps

Millions of entrepreneurs and executives worry about their financial security everyday. Managing a family budget, growing a business, paying taxes are just some responsibilities that create stress. Anxiety is a major emotional component to long term financial obligations. And, in five expert steps, you’ll learn how to create and improve your feelings of financial security.

Overcome 5 Obstacles To Financial Security

Step 1. Develop A Financial Vision

The first step to creating financial security is clarifying your personal vision of success. Your vision may differ from someone else, because you have your own emotional and material needs. Some individuals are happy living in a tiny house, while other families love to entertain and raise a large family. Honor what makes you most happy in life. And, in this first step, success begins by taking an inventory of you’re heart’s desire and life vision.

After creating a vision, it’s time to goals with a set of objectives, and a subset of small, actionable steps. In one Guidance Session alone, entrepreneurs have found breakthroughs through this method. Additionally, by leveraging confident life areas, we’ll find solutions for making important habit changes.

Step 2. Release Blocks To Financial Security

Once you commit to a financial vision, it’s time to get real about what scares you. When a client sits down with me, I read their energy as a psychic medium to find their emotional and spiritual fears connected to money.  Past life memories or spiritual lessons your soul agreed to experience are sources of abundance blocks.

Hypnosis is an effective method to correct spiritual abundance blocks. Because, most people don’t know what fears are keeping them in a financial stress, hypnosis is a pathway to listen to the subconscious mind. Additionally, hypnosis can reveal central childhood memories and traumatic experiences such as layoffs that create phobias and self-limiting financial beliefs.

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Let abundance flow in your life. @caraventurera at Unsplash

Step 3. Let Go Of Limiting Financial Beliefs

Third, limiting financial beliefs are the source of poor financial decisions. The expression “penny wise, dollar foolish” characterizes people who cannot see the bigger picture of their lives and make financial decisions with uncontrolled emotions.

One way to help clients track down limiting financial beliefs and behaviors is to listen to their language. By carefully listening to my clients’ stories, I’m able to pick up the subconscious stories they repeat to themselves. Most people learn limiting beliefs from their parents and key parental figures. In the video below, I explain how worries can show startling self-sabotaging beliefs.

Another way is to communicate to the energy and emotion located within the body. The body carries emotional stress that manifests as physical pain. By communicating with the energy, extracting beliefs and fears reveals personal truths that inspire major attitude changes.

Step 4. Learn Manifestation Techniques

Most people struggle with the concept of money. And, many work day and night for little pay. Because financial security isn’t a question of will and force, but being in tune with the ways money finds you. Therefore, once abundance blocks and limiting beliefs clear, the fourth step opens to learning manifestation techniques.

As a result of correcting language patterns and using energy therapy techniques, your perspective will eventually shift in subtle ways. Finally, clients grow from feeling that they “have to make money” to “being open to financial opportunities.” Training helps the brain to see new patterns instead of old, limiting beliefs. And, as a result, people learn to see money management, financial discussions, and saving with positivity and hope.

Step 5. Overcome Financial Anxiety

Financial insecurity clouds the mind and scarcity thinking manifests through many behaviors: from compulsive shopping to not paying bills on time and not asking for a promotion. Therefore, by correcting these behaviors, diving into emotional blocks and fears, financial anxiety can be a thing of the past.

Finally, once scarcity thinking disappears, you’ll find fresh ideas flowing and full of motivation. It’s easier to make sales calls, ask for help, and make critical daily choices that build to great financial wealth. Creativity comes from the belief that life will meet you where you’re at and is ready, willing, and able to help you realize your dreams.


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