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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career Success: Believe In Your Spouse

Being married isn’t always simple, or easy. Being two working professionals in a marriage makes for interesting career planning. Even if you are (or have) a stay at home wife or husband, you can support your spouse to the fullest. Whether you are single and looking, in a long term relationship, or married and want to create a fulfilling and financially secure life together consider how you can support your spouse in the future with my Partnership Series covering more than 10 ways, each in their individual articles, exploring how a spouse is essential to career success and how you can help your partner reach the top, faster.

My husband Franck and I worked together on creating this list. I’ve also taken experiences learned from clients and friends who are divorced, married, and in long term relationships to add real life value to this series. The tips I recommend are things I have done myself with Franck and applied in coaching sessions, so feel free to try them and share your outcomes with me.

Believe In Your Spouse

Successful and happy professionals have a spouse who believes in them and their work. The partnership works best when both partners understand the value and the benefit their roles and outcomes bring to the relationship and to the greater systems around them such as family, company, and community.

Not only does a spouse believe in their partner’s contributions, but they strive to understand what their work and the value of their work means them as a person. Communication is the most important tool in discussing your spouse’s purpose and role, so make it a priority to discover each others’ hopes regularly. Not just as a last resort when things get tough, but as often as possible.

TIP: When you’re out together, try allowing your spouse to explain your work to others to gauge if they really understand what it is you do, why, and what it means to you. Invite your spouse to express what your work means to him/her. This is an eye opening experience for many couples who practice this technique as it sets the foundation for mutual respect and understanding.

Want to go deeper? Spend a walk discussing your values and priorities at work and at home. Do they line up? Ask questions and don’t judge. Spend the time trying to understand how your spouse really feels about his or her position in life and their goals.

In later entries, I’ll discuss how you can show your belief in your spouse.


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