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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Keep Grounded In Your Values

You and your spouse most likely have a joint belief system or share similar life values. Do you know what they are and do they take a significant role in your life? Do you help your spouse stay grounded in his/her beliefs and maintain integrity throughout his/her career – not just during difficult times?

Neglecting our core values becomes easy when work gets overwhelming. Family, relationships, ethics are just some of the things that put to the side. Children or pets are neglected. Health deteriorates. Your relationship suffers as a result.

Whatever you believe in, make sure you confirm your beliefs and keep yourself and your spouse committed to your values. Perhaps your values might need a second look if they are no longer worth believing in. However, values must take part of the daily dialogue when confronted with day to day work issues and difficult career choices.

There are some people who neglect their ethics when it comes time for a promotion. Perhaps they lie on their resume to get the job. Do you believe in telling the truth and how the truth affects the overall quality of your life? If so, challenge yourself or your spouse to reconsider lying to get ahead.

Values play an immense role in our lives. They dictate our actions, determine the quality of relationships, and affect the outcomes of decisions we make everyday. Keeping yourself and your spouse grounded not only sets firm boundaries and makes knowing what they’ll do next more predictable, but your long term professional reputation will shine as a result.


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