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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Freedom To Work

Many married and coupled professionals complain about the lack of freedom they have to explore their career goals because of their relationship. According to U.S. Census Bureau Divorce statistics, 6% in divorces are a result of workaholic-ism. Some spouses feel insecure when their other goes on long business trips or spends extended hours in the office. The insecurity leads to fighting, which in some cases leads to infidelity and divorce. A method way to create security is to establish trust and  encourage the freedom to work individual goals.

Franck and I began the first year and a half of our relationship living long distance. Everyday, we had to ask ourselves if we wanted to continue to be with someone we saw once every three months. Ever since we moved in together, he’s been going on more and more business trips. Day trips to Berlin. A week in Portland. A few days in Chicago. Fortunately, I can stay home and choose when and where I work. Franck, however, goes wherever the work winds take  him.

For those who spend most of their days at home, like me, I recommend using the opportunity of your partner’s absence to work on your own projects, spend time reflecting alone, or catch up with friends or family – or simply maintain the regular daily life for your work or children. Time away from your spouse does not have to be time wasted, but rather time well spent on other projects that need your undivided attention.

I know there will be times when you’ll feel like you’re competing with your spouse’s job. That you feel that they think their job is more important than you and your relationship, but I can assure you in most cases that’s not true at all. As I mentioned in a previous post about rolling through the tides of life, there will be times when you or your spouse will have to work non-stop to meet business goals. These periods are usually cyclical especially for those who have spouses that work in consumer goods or any type of business that has highs and lows in production.

As for Franck and I, we think of each others work as something we’re invested in, too. When he does well, I do well. When I do well, Franck does well. We’re invested in each others success and we want to give each other the trust to explore and work on our goals in a compassionate home environment.

All this time spent at work begs for one on one time outside of the office and daily responsibilities. It’s essential to make time for each other. Take a weekend to catch up on your favorite joint past times, create new memories and keep the fires burning in your love life. Go on vacations and learn who you husband or wife is into today.  Once more, communication is essential in setting up times, priorities, and boundaries for professional goals and relationship goals – refer to my article about communication with respect. Franck suggests to promise each other  to do something fun at least once a week, “because going grocery shopping together or cleaning the house on the weekend doesn’t count.”

Do you and your spouse have the freedom to work and meet goals? How do you feel about your partner’s work?


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