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How What You Say Reveals What You Feel About Yourself

Did You Know That What You Say Actually Reveals What You Feel About Yourself?

Last night, I was relaxing and this very clear thought came into my mind, about all the rhetoric that’s out there in the world right now.

In the light of all the things that people are saying – some respectful and some very disrespectful and downright hateful  Spirit said to me, “Everything that you have ever thought or said towards someone else is actually something that you have thought, believed and felt about yourself in a deep and private way.”

Reflecting upon this, I realize that this self talk is indeed true.

How different would our criticisms or opinions or beliefs would be about other people if we actually realized that everything we are saying is actually directed to ourselves?

Karma is like that. Everything you put out comes back to you. Every painful or kind action or words you say come back to you in some way for you to experience and fully understand the concept.

All of this is for our learning. We are constantly asking questions learning about the way the universe works and its laws. The universe always seeks to answer questions and whatever we ask will be answered just as Jesus promised us in the Bible. Just as all the great teachers told us about Source.

Are you kind or are you cruel? What do you believe your words and deeds towards others say about how you feel about yourself?


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