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How To Successfully Prepare For A Job Interview

Job interviews can be tough, but they don’t have to be. With proper preparation – knowing what to know and how to find that information and more importantly, how to convey that knowledge and insight on the job – you’ll feel confident enough to take on any kind of job interview.

I’ll explain how to sound and appear like an industry insider which will leave your interviewer feeling confident about you and have them seeing you already in the role.

1. Know The Company

  1. Company values, goals, environment, personality

  2. Market share, position against competitors, place in the minds of consumers/clientele/constituency

  3. Any current and job relevant news about the company

  4. Understand the company’s role within its respective industry

Where To Look

  1. Company website(s)

  2. Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, etc.

  3. Press – online and print news syndicates and trade publications

  4. Corporate statistics: Hoovers, Fortune, Dun & Bradstreet, Wall Street Journal

  5. Employees you know at the company

How To Land The Job

  1. Incorporate the knowledge you know into your questions and responses.

  2. Be able to cite your sources in case you are quizzed on your knowledge.

2. Understand The Job

  1. Know the position for which you are interviewing.

  2. Understand your role within the department and the company.

  3. Know and understand the technical aspects of the position including key words, especially if you are in a technical, academic, or scientific field.

  4. Find out why they are hiring you and discern how to fill that need.

  5. Know how much it pays compared to the industry standard.

Where To Look

  1. Ask the company with whom you are applying for a copy of the job description. Remember, this may be different from the posted advertisement.

  2. Conduct an online search of the position in question to determine job related duties and responsibilities.

  3. If you can, find out from insiders or industry reports about current company issues and see how it relates to the position in question

How To Land The Job

  1. Impress your interviewer with your firm understanding of the position.

  2. Be prepared with job questions for the interviewer.

  3. Properly negotiate your starting salary without making the focus on money, but the value you’ll bring with your knowledge and experience.

  4. Hit the sweet spot by focusing on their needs and how you can bring value by meeting them.

3. Understand Yourself

  1. Understand your overall career and be able to explain each career move.

  2. Know your abilities/accomplishments and effectively communicate that on your resume.

  3. Know and list your short and long term goals.

  4. Break down your experience and personality with examples.

  5. Prepare for the worst.

Where To Look

  1. Talk with your career counselor about your overall career and how it involves your short term personal and career goals.

  2. Create a resume that properly communicates your experience, skills, and tailor it for the job at hand.

  3. Create a list of potential questions you could answer and practice them with your career counselor.

  4. Get prepared to answer questions regarding your mistakes, personality/ability weaknesses and resume gaps. Rehearse your answers to reduce interview anxiety.

How To Land The Job

  1. Memorize your answers and keep them brief. Invite dialogue between you and your interviewer.

  2. Communicate how all of your prior jobs and experiences lead up to the position in question with focus.

  3. Understand yourself and know your capabilities and weaknesses, demonstrate that despite them you are capable of trying different roles within the job itself.

4. Know The Interviewer(s)

  1. Your interviewer(s) will be scouring the internet for your presence, be sure to research them.

  2. Know their professional background, especially if you’ll be working closely with them.

  3. Identify commonalities between you and your interviewer (professional background, interests, goals)

Where To Look

  1. Searched Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, and other professional social networking sites.

  2. Use Google to see if they have any publications available or if their work has been featured in trade magazines.

  3. If possible learn about their career and their goals; find out if you have any common friends or work connections.

How To Land The Job

  1. Highlight your commonalities and how you could help each other.

  2. Briefly mention their career contributions and how you aspire for similar achievements.

  3. Keep it professional and light. Don’t get too personal too soon.

  4. Recognize that they have goals and budgets to maintain and relate with him/her.

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