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How To Build Self-Worth And Live The Best Possible Life Today

Self-worth affects so many areas of our lives: business, romantic lives, family, financial.

Without a healthy sense of self-worth, one cannot allow themselves to find peace and enjoy the abundance that life and love has to offer.

I have seen clients break through financial meltdowns after working exclusively on building self-worth. I have seen people come out to live authentic and awesome lives after breaking free from the chains of guilt and shame.

Your worth is not dependent on the feelings and moods of others. Your worth is independent of the approval of others.

Your self-worth begins and ends with how you feel about yourself. No matter what you have done or where you have come from, you are worthy of a second chance. You are worthy of 100% of love, not second best. You are worthy of an abundant life of the highest quality.

You are worthy. You are worth it.



Imagine a barometer of worthiness. Think about a specific area of your life that feels less than worthy of your greatness. Notice where it is at and then repeat to yourself over and over: I AM worthy.Watch the barometer go up as you feel more and more comfortable with your maximum value.


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