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How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs

Our parents shape our financial beliefs for better or for worse. In my guest appearance on The Power House podcast with Candy Barone, we discuss just how our parents shape our financial beliefs and how we can redefine them to create greater feelings of wealth in our lives and careers.

how our parents shape our financial beliefs

Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs In Surprising Ways

Surprisingly, how our parents share our financial beliefs influences our life behaviors especially when it comes to money. We often feel like we don’t deserve money, money makes us anxious, there isn’t enough money, or that we’re not in love with money and we don’t treat it right.

This is my story: I saw my parents fight about money and never come to a resolution. As a result, I learned the belief that parents fight about money endlessly and that’s a normal part of marriage. As adults, we sometimes become conscious of these behaviors and we make a commitment to change. However, we can’t seem to extricate the thoughts and feelings to permanently change our financial behaviors. The goal of The Money Formula is to dis-attach the negative feeling and thoughts of money and reassign them to new, life-affirming beliefs.

Disrupting How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs Begins With Our Emotions

For example, we can know that splurging on something isn’t right for us, but we feel like we deserve it. Since we are emotional creatures, we must dive into the emotional experience to come to new, logical conclusions about money. We often associate our financial network to our self-worth. We have a self-perception of our own value and what we give to other people. Not everything is quantifiable. By examining our self-worth, we cannot avoid confronting our thoughts and feelings about money.

Candy shares her experience with a money coach and how this person helped her to fall in love with money. She says that money is an energy and whether or not we are qualifying money as good, bad, or indifferent. By diving into our feelings about money through The Money Formula emotional intelligence technique, we can really commit to clearing out our patterns. By clearing out those old beliefs, we can reveal new truths that can help us get new jobs, more money, and better business relationships.

Identify The True Meaning of Wealth Outside Your Parent’s Financial Beliefs

By performing The Money Formula protocol, you can begin to identify for yourself what is the true meaning of wealth for you. For some, like myself, true wealth is affording high quality education for my children. For others, it may be buying a boat and experiencing freedom. Many of us have conditioned our financial lives under the scope and influence of our parent’s financial beliefs. However, when you begin to examine your thoughts and feelings about money and discover that most of them are not even yours to begin with, you’ll find that what make you happy may be shockingly different to what makes your parents happy.

Meet Candy Barone

Candy truly specializes in helping organizations learn how to “feed the soul of business.” Her company, You Empowered Strong, is a catalyst in bringing a new perspective to what it really means to be a thought leader and how to build powerful, high-performing teams.

​Candy and her team help individuals own how they choose to show up, serve others, and how they take greater personal responsibility inside that space. As your accountability powerhouse, leadership trainer, executive coach and business strategist, Candy “pulls no punches” in teaching leaders how to lead from love, with love.

She brings nearly 20 years of corporate experience to the table and is a master at building exceptional, high-performing teams, maximizing and leveraging ROI, growing emerging leaders, and catapulting individuals to achieve explosive growth.

​Candy delivers value through her powerful presentations, interactive team workshops, and ongoing accountability systems and coaching.

How Have Your Parents Shaped Your Financial Beliefs?

After listening to this podcast, have you identified the ways your parents have shaped your financial beliefs? Please share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments. And, if you haven’t already purchased a copy of The Money Formula, be sure to get yours and join the conversation at The Money Formula book readers club.

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