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How Executives Overcome A Nervous Breakdown With Expert Help

Executive nervous breakdown is a well-hidden common occurrence. However, many do not recognize the signs of burnout until it’s too late. With expert help, business leaders can quickly bounce back from stress-induced burnout and break-free from the stigma.

Stress Kills, But You’ll Have A Nervous Breakdown First

I first began teaching emotional intelligence to politicians and research scientists when I noticed that high stress levels negatively impacted their work performance. Dysfunctional personal relationships largely contributed to high levels of emotional pain and mental distress. The mental distractions affected their ability to focus on the job and create meaningful connections that make work advancement possible. And eventually the stress, overwhelm, and pressure lead to a nervous breakdown with grave consequences.

Over the years, I can witness that ignoring emotional well-being leads to a number of preventable tragedies:

  1. Nervous breakdown

  2. Hospitalization

  3. Marital affairs

  4. Child abandonment

  5. Cancer diagnosis

  6. Public humiliation

  7. Heart Attack

  8. Divorce

  9. Estrangement with friends/family

Faced with preventable circumstances, it’s clear that emotional and spiritual well-being must be a top priority. Emotional well-being is an essential part of an executive’s life. In fact, if you notice the content in most leadership books on the market, you’ll notice that most focus on building emotional intelligence.

After 10 years of coaching executives ranging from local entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses to global executives in billion dollar companies, I’ve learned the key guide posts to beat nervous breakdown. Having survived a breakdown myself, I can say – this process works!

Uncover The Truth of Hard To Control Emotions

Unresolved emotions manifest in TWO core ways: ruminating thoughts and physical painRuminating thoughts appear as intrusive inner dialogue or images that occur on a loop. And, intrusive thoughts are negative, self-critical, and paranoid.

One of my clients was so afraid of looking a sour colleague in the eyes. She was so anxious about an “impending conflict” that she purposely took a longer route around the campus just to avoid the woman. By getting to the source of her fears, she was eventually able to look the woman in the eyes and engage respectfully on minimal occassions. The relationship eventually evolved into a respectful one.

Uncontrollable emotions are often triggered by life events such as child birth, death of a loved one, and sudden loss such as layoffs. And, similar situations can set off subconscious emotions and fears. When people cannot control their emotions, they find themselves unable to control their behavior. Impulsive reactions become unhealthy, self-destructing habits and self-limiting stories.

Your soul has the keys to unlock emotional well-being. Photo by Julian Paul on Unsplash

Explore The Secrets of Your Soul

The soul has many secrets to share – not all of them are so obvious. As a psychic medium, I physically see the energy emanations (auras) of my clients. Auras reveal to me the overall well-being of their mental, emotional, and physical health. By tapping intuitively into a client’s energy, contributing patterns reveal themselves through the healing process.

Karmic ties also reveal the purpose of relationships. By understanding the unfinished business you had with someone in a past life, you can correct unhealthy relationship dynamics now. Also, it’s possible to connect with the soul of a passed loved one to gain perspective and closure on painful memories.

Past lives also reveal present patterns. Past lives reveal causal factors and ways to master one’s self to live up to one’s soul contract. That is, fulfill you life purpose. Additionally, we can see what is coming around the corner and make behavioral adjustments for the future. For example, if someone knows they are making a career change in their dream career, it’s possible for them to relax now and enjoy the ride.

Get To Your Happy Place At Your Pace

Executives find themselves managing multiple projects and deadlines at once, while navigating the emotional landscapes of others. The pressure of meeting deadlines and leveraging teams to accomplish goals makes life feel stuck in an endless race.

It’s important to slow life down and assure that life will not fall apart as a result. Pull the mind out of the racing thoughts with meditative techniques and put life into a mindful perspective.

Detaching from overwhelming and stressful work situations is essential for mental health. Many executives and entrepreneurs do not put down their work. So, they find themselves working around the clock for a task that never seems to end. Getting help with a nervous breakdown takes time, so don’t be afraid to heal gradually. A depression can take 9 months to recover, so be patient with the process.

Customize Your Healing Path

Recovering from a nervous breakdown involves a variety of treatment options. Some temporarily seek medical help to deal with the symptoms of physical duress with combined spiritual coaching and energy healing. A holistic path involves a range of treatment methods such as hypnosis, EFT, therapeutic neurolinguistic programming, Reiki, and sound therapy.

Additionally, traditional coaching to correct cognitive behavioral imbalances is essential for making long term changes. It is possible to recover fully from a nervous breakdown with behavior modification. By getting to the source of emotional disturbances, behavioral modification is often a simple process.

Get Only The Tools You Need To Recover From A Nervous Breakdown

Many executives are over-achievers. I have witnessed professionals who take on a lot of personal development at once. This is not necessary to recover from a nervous breakdown. In fact, simplifying one’s thought processes with a few techniques creates a strong foundation for recovery.

By starting with simple techniques, such as telling a new internal dialogue and correcting moods through energy healing the path to recovery is clear.

A Nervous Breakdown Doesn’t Have To Be The End

There is no shame in a mental breakdown. Due to their frequent occurrence, I have developed my own tried and true methods for healing and guiding executives suffering from burnout. If you recognize the signs of a breakdown or are in a full blown experience, it’s never too late to get help.

Finally, there are holistic, comprehensive strategies that don’t just focus on the symptoms. With a full perspective and deep understanding of the spirit, mind, and body, totally recovery from nervous breakdowns is not only possible, but part of a beautiful journey of self-realization.


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