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History’s Ultimate Extra: A Star Child’s Solidarity For Mankind’s Struggle

Psychic Medium Leslie Juvin-Acker Recounts Her Session With A Star Child

I had one of the most memorable readings yet. My reading was with a man who, a Star Child like myself, has been witness to some of the most major events and masters in history. This Star Child, free of karmic debts, is primed to guide others back home. Here’s the story:

Like the ultimate extra, Spirit showed me images of my client walking through various scenes of history’s most notable events like Custer’s Last Stand, the Napoleonic Wars and scenes involving great masters such as Jesus Christ, the Buddha. His curious soul, humored and intrigued by silly humans, decided to come down and experience what human life is all about – and why, like great comedies and tragedies – we do the things we do.

My client’s soul empathizes with the human experience so much that he sacrificed remembrance of his manifestation abilities in order to struggle as humans do to “make it work”. His act of gentle solidarity was blocking him from creating the professional experiences and success he wanted during this lifetime. Having three star being spirit guides ready and willing to assist at his beck and call, they told me that he doesn’t use them for fear of having an unfair advantage to his human counterparts.

It was amazing that my client has three star being spirit guides ready and eagerly waiting to help create those “serendipitous” life changing and career bending opportunities but couldn’t because he didn’t want to “cheat” the system humanity set up for itself. How noble! However, at what expense of the comfort and karma of himself and his own family? And more importantly, what about his spiritual job as a “star being” of helping humans remember their own manifestation capabilities?

What was curious is that being the ultimate witness to those souls who have finally ascended like Jesus Christ, for example, he knew very well what happens to those who stick their heads out in the efforts to advance humanity: chop! It was safer to be a witness, but now Spirit is beckoning for him to step up and guide with history and knowledge about our own karmic roots and all of own soul’s purpose: to get to know ourselves!

I encouraged my client to be the example of how to tap into the natural laws of the Universe and employ his guides for his own highest good and for those he will soon lead. One of the first things I recommended is to simply begin calling on his guides for help because they can and will present opportunities for us to seize. The second thing I recommended was embracing his intuitive gifts in order to manifest his desired experiences and material comforts. Third, I encouraged him to release the guilt from the untrue core belief of having an “unfair advantage” as a human, because it’s his intuitive gifts, connection with his spirit guides, and unconscious historical memory that will allow him to show and tell other people how to create the experiences they desire for themselves. Being free from any karmic debts, my client is able to combine all of these gifts into a path of his choosing so that he may, in turn, help others find and create their own paths home.

Check out this video that Spirit popped up into my mind as a way to illustrate my client being the ultimate witness of humanity’s follies.


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