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Going From Expert To Author: Unboxing The Money Formula Book [VIDEO]

What’s It Like Going From Expert To Author?

Hello Happy Campers, the journey of going from expert to author was a new path for me. It’s not always straight-forward and clear. In fact, it was confusing and stressful much of the time.

What you see in the video is just a few moments to summarize a year’s journey from going from expert to author. It’s awesome, but as I look at my book, I realize the time, money, and effort to have this book in my hands, ready to go in the mail to your home.

As an author, it is exciting to see this life changing protocol on paper for the first time. It took me nearly a year to create The Money Formula into a printed book format. And, I did it through a different way as Ana and I discuss my journey of publishing The Money Formula in an episode of The State of Happiness. Going through the traditional route proved to be stressful. It was like trying to prove my value to people who A) We’re even interested in the content B) We not able to see the potential.

In fact, going through a traditional revealed how today’s publishers and literary agents want an established business and marketing machine to prove their book is worth distributing.

I have learned a few important things on my journey from going from expert to author:

You don’t actually need a traditional publisher.

What you need is someone with distribution access and expertise in publishing. I got lucky by enlisting the help of Karen Strauss who is an industry veteran and went from a traditional career to helping professional, expert women like myself create reach through a book. Thanks to her, I was able to get market access and reach in ways I never could on my own.

Don’t Expect To Get Rich Through Publishing

You won’t make money by just selling books. Publishing a book is for an expert who has a larger, current mission and product offering. You can use a book to help establish yourself as an expert in your field if you’re looking to gain strategic exposure to specific clients or partnerships. For example, Masters and Johnson produced literary works because they wanted to secure funding for their work as fertility and sex experts. The press and notoriety gained through being published experts attracted new clients and funding in ways they couldn’t have decades ago.

Be Your Own Marketing Machine

You have to have your own marketing vehicle to sell books. Distribution through Amazon and big book retailers is not enough. And, don’t count on a publisher to market and sell your book. They don’t do that. You do – which is why publishers want experts with their own marketing machine (show, email list, social media following, etc) and/or a marketing partner such as another social media platform like a university, business who will help you market your book or even buy copies for their own audiences. Your own followers will be the first adapters and evangelists for your book. Make sure your social reach and influence will sell those books when others cannot or will not.

Count To Speak In Order To Sell Books

Even the most famous experts turned authors spoke “for free” by selling their books. Famous experts like Gary Vaynerchuk did it for years before becoming popular. He would have speaking events buy his books in exchange for a speaking fee. That would help increase his book exposure and sales while he used the opportunity to speak on the book’s subject matter as an expert.

Going From Expert To Author To Unboxing

Ana Gomez and I are unboxing copies of my book The Money Formula for the very first time on camera. We want to bring you into our world so you can see my and Ana’s reaction to seeing The Money Formula in paperback copy for the very first time. How will I respond? Take a look at the video to discover my reaction.

Unboxing my book was almost unreal for me. I had become so used to looking at publishing The Money Formula as part of my business strategy that, for a moment, it felt clinical looking at it. I wanted to examine the product with a fine tooth comb rather than reveling in the joy of having accomplished a major personal feat. That’s what publishing a book and producing a professional work will do to you. But, fortunately, I had my best friend there to reel me back into the fun of life and the feeling of beating my personal best.

Do you want to go from expert to author? What’s your story? Share in the comments!

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