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Following Up After An Interview Made Simple

Question from a reader: “I recently had an interview, which I feel went fine. I felt that I gave the impression that I understood fully the responsibilities and their expectations for the position. I was informed that the organization will be having another round of interviews and that if they call me in, someone else will interview me…. I kind of got the impression though that they are trying to find the “best possible candidate in this economic period” and are willing to take their time in filling this position, which may or may not be good for me. I really want this job! Any suggestions on my next course of action while I wait?”

This is the perfect time to follow up with a poignant and personalized letter to your interviewer. A personalized letter of thanks can remind the interviewer of you, serve as a reminder to your fantastic hire-ability, and can even push you to the next level of interviews. Be sure to send your letter the same day for an interview follow up!

Check out the main discussion points:

GRATITUDE Thank your interviewer for their time and consideration. Mention how you enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about him/her and the company.

PERSONALIZATION Remember your interviewer’s name and a joke or a point of interest you discussed in the conversation. Reminding an intricate part of the conversation lets them know that you were listening to them and cared about what they had to say.

INTEREST Repeat that you are very interested in the job and tell them what it means to you and your career. You could say that this position is in keeping with your professional goals or how much the organization’s values line up with yours.

WHY YOU ARE DIFFERENT Briefly mention why you are different. Whether it be your creative personality coupled with your eye for design or relentless work ethic and record breaking sales history. Let them know your greatest, most job-relevant qualities.

BE THE SOLUTION TO THEIR PROBLEMS You want to remind them of their problems and how you can solve them. They told you why they are hiring during the interview, so remind them of their needs and tell them how you’re the answer to their problems. If they need to raise their sales initiatives, then remind them of that and state why you’re such a great sales person.

CALL TO ACTION If you haven’t already asked when you should follow up during the interview, let them know you’ll be calling/e-mailing to find out if the company is interested in hiring you or not.

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