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Finding New Appreciation In An Old Job

If you’ve been one of the lucky who has managed to hold onto your job during the rough-em-tough-em recession this article might be for you. If you’ve been working at your job for so long that you can do it in your sleep, upside down and backwards, and you want to reinvent and reinvigorate your work then keep reading.

Take A Look Back

Take a look back and evaluate everything you have learned, accomplished, and contributed since beginning your work. A lot of professionals I work with are surprised to discover how much they’ve actually done at one job, often times in one position. Now is the time to do an inventory of your work life and benchmark your successes. You could even use the opportunity to update your LinkedIn account or revamp your resume. If you’ve got more spare time, document it. Put all of your projects into a portfolio or keep a journal of things you’ve learned and how new lessons have inspired your future.

Teach or Mentor

If you’ve accumulated a lot of experience and have become a specialist or expert, you should explore your options in sharing your knowledge  with engaging young minds. You’ll not only be able to share what you’ve learned, but you’ll be able to learn new techniques and information from those you help. Teaching really is a mutually beneficial experience.

Learn Some More

Just because you know enough to teach, it doesn’t mean you should forsake updating your skills and knowledge base. Take classes, read books, engage in round table discussions, get involved in community discussions about your industry, service, or skills. Not only will you learn more, but you’ll meet more people with fresh ideas and perspectives. You can always take home the knowledge and relationships and bring some fresh air to your current work.

Cut Down Excess

Perhaps you’ve got some outmoded processes and operations. Maybe you’ve found simpler, more effective ways to do your job and it’s time to make the change official. Work with your colleagues, superiors, and direct reports to implement simpler strategies that will streamline your work. Take on the responsibility of keeping things simple and profitable and you’ll be thanked for it.

Reinvent Your Job

If you are tired of doing the same old thing for the last five years, now is the time to reinvent your job. Do the research to identity what areas in your company that need improvement and offer ways to contribute. Make the initiative to show that you can offer the strongest contribution above and beyond all others. Prove that you’ve got a totally new set of skills different that those you’ve walked in with and demonstrate your eagerness to apply them in new ways. Simply complaining about your current job won’t convince your boss that you’re ready for new challenges. Also, it doesn’t hurt to say that you want to grow with the company as it grows!

Blend Job Title Boundaries

If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over again, now is the time to reinvent your identity. Break out of your job title and speak in more general terms. What is your area of interest? Are you more into marketing these days? Focused on finance and bottom line issues? Do you have a knack for communications and managing relationships? When you break out of your title and speak in more general terms, you’ll see the boundaries of opportunity start to blend. Perhaps you’ll begin collaborating on just one project out of your normal job description to test the waters and before you know it, you’ve transferred to another department or to a whole new position.

Get The Cajones

When you’ve been working at the same company with almost all the same people for a long period of time, you will have discovered that you can take more risks, say no more often, and start speaking more frankly with your colleagues. Step up and start working on those relationships you’ve developed over the years to negotiate your way to reinventing your work. Now is the time to leverage your relationships and the reputation you’ve created to start something fresh.


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