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Ep. 23 Believing: Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Create The Life You Want | Valuable Insight

"All things are possible to him who believes" Jesus Christ

In this episode of Valuable Insight, Leslie Juvin-Acker and Daniel Beavers discuss beliefs and believing.

Leslie shares how what you believe shapes and defines your world. Leslie invites you to take a closer look at your life and the circumstances in your life to explore your fundamental beliefs.

Your habits, appearance, relationships, health, and deep feelings are telling you what you believe. The greatest problem is the ignorance of our own beliefs. Many people do not know what they believe and only recognize their beliefs until it is woefully too late.

Do you believe in scarcity? Do you believe in limitation? Do you believe in science? Do you believe that others have more power than you?

Learn to recognize how your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Learn to recognize when other's choices and actions are NOT a reflection of YOU, but rather an opportunity to witness another's beliefs in actions.

Create freedom for yourself by evaluating your deepest held beliefs with Leslie and Daniel in this episode Valuable Insight.


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