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Ep. 15 Overqualified: What Really Opens Career Doors?|Valuable insight [VIDEO]

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Most people ARE overqualified for their jobs! Why? Because they're settling for LESS.

In this episode of Valuable Insight, Daniel tells his story of career transformation. He went from the celebrity horse training world to a career in human resources. He shares how he made the change.

Leslie, as a Certified and credentialed Global Career Development Facilitator explains how you do not have to hang your soul at the door of a job AND the most important quality that can open any career door in your life.

Give yourself an opportunity in the field of your choice. Learn how to believe that others want what YOU have to offer as a person.

Claim the right salary, benefits, job, and lifestyle of your dreams - but it comes from knowing yourself, your value, and whether or not you're settling for less than you rightfully deserve.

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