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EP 11 Haunted By The Past - Valuable insight

Are you haunted by the past? Daniel and Leslie explore how we self-sabotage by letting the past interfere with our present.

Emotional and psychological baggage and prevent us from living a fulfilling life now.

Leslie and Daniel challenge viewers to deal with their past, learned from their experiences so that they can be finally free to enjoy the present moment.

How do you know you're haunted by the past?

You're haunted by the past when:

  • you replay memories on loop

  • acting on past mistakes

  • misinterpreting memories with false beliefs

  • treating others based on the mistakes of others in the past

  • unforgiving of yourself or others for previous mistakes

  • letting your past determine who you are today

  • making decisions based on unresolved past issues

  • anticipate bad things happening again

  • believe experiences you witnessed in the past happened to you.

  • overanalyze the past

  • get stuck on past issues without constructively dealing with them

  • cannot see a different future for yourself

  • believe that someone else's past is your future ( example: your parent was an alcoholic, therefore you will be an alcoholic)

  • believe you don't have any control over your present and future potential

How To Stop Being Haunted By The Past

  • be willing to exonerate yourself and others for past mistakes

  • confront issues that still bother you

  • get help to resolve your feelings about unresolved past experiences

  • go back into the memory using your imagination (hypnosis helps) to resolve and re-write painful memories

  • change the outcome of memories and make them positive for yourself

  • change your language about your expectations of the future

  • learn to practice anticipating positive outcomes in your life situations

  • use past experiences as stepping stones for expanding your awareness

  • make amends with those you have hurt in the past - including yourself

  • change your vision of yourself and inner dialogue

Haunted By The Past Quotables

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