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Employee Wellness Month Exclusive Interview & Tools

June is Employee Wellness Month! These are the stories that Leslie Inc. has got lined up for you on the State of Happiness! We are talking about how to make business more fun, enjoyable, and of course, profitable. We want to illuminate how other professionals are making business choices and models that truly align with their values.

Download The Happiness Decks App Career Edition

After two years of development, the Leslie Inc. official digital app is here!

The Happiness Decks is ONE app that is set to contain several editions. The Career Edition is the first affirmation deck included in the Happiness Decks.

Because I have 10 years experience coaching professionals from all over the world, I noticed that they all shared common career questions and concerns. With a swipe of a finger, you can ask your question and let the Happiness Decks Career Edition give you ideas and inspiration.

Download it in the Apple Store and Google Play store June 2018.

For More Information, Visit:

Discover The Happiness Decks origin story.

Josh Simpson, Leslie Inc. VP of Digital, and I discuss how the app came into being. Find out how the app can change your life.

Unforgettable Stories For Employee Wellness Month

Pursuing Your Dream Job with Freelance Writer, Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy is a freelance writer and editor who used to work for some of the biggest magazines. That is, until she had a breakdown that changed the way she saw everything. On her way to become a top editor, she gave it all up to travel the world telling unique stories. On this episode of the State of Happiness, Jen tells the story of how it all went down: the stress, the overwhelm, and the moment when her life changed forever. She tells the Happy Camper community how to let go of the idea of perfection and focus on what really matters in life.


usiness Traveler Survival Secrets with CEO, Toby Taylor

My friend and CEO of Timeline Global Promotions, Toby Taylor, shares how he lives his life as a bi-coastal sales executive of conscious lifestyle products. We discuss what brought him from being a fire fighter to selling natural products across the country. Also, find out what keeps Toby awake at night and what he packs in his carry on bag.

This Recruiter Tells Her Secrets To Attract The Best Job, Pamela Copeland

Pamela Copeland is a talent acquisition specialist with an intuitive ability to help people find their next opportunity. She shares her story of career transition and how she helps veterans transition into civilian careers. She also shares how anyone can connect with a recruiter and how to maximize their job search process.

Which Leslie Inc. Products & Services Go With This Month’s Theme?

#DRIVE E-Book available at the

In this book, Leslie shares her advice on leadership and career advancement speaking on topics such as management, personal branding, job searching, compensation, and personal development. Leslie’s articles and #DRIVE web series, which interviews action sports industry leaders and innovators, reaches thousands of job seekers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in the lifestyle and action sports industries. Promo Code Expires June 30, 2018

Surf Safari Executive Coaching Guide Pack

Career happiness is essential to a balanced lifestyle. This is why I’ve developed the Surf Safari Career Guide Pack. This Guide Pack contains 6 hours of comprehensive career coaching and intuitive emotional intelligence training to end work overwhelm. With zero risk, why not end work overwhelm for good? Find out how to live your dreams in a state of happiness.

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#WorkHappy Leadership Workshops & Retreats

While you’re here, learn more about #workHAPPY workshops and retreats as a part of your company’s employee wellness programming. WorkHappy Leadership Retreats help companies struggling with cultural crisis and sensitivity, boost morale from poor company performance, rejuvenate growth, and reestablish brand loyalty from the inside. WorkHappy Retreats solve real issues in an insightful and impactful format. And, WorkHappy workshops are a fun and fast solution to inspire young and dynamic business leaders because happy corporate cultures make for happy brands and customers. Call Ana Gomez, VP of Business Development at (347) 748-0513. If you are a business owner and worry about having your team’s heads in the game, contact us for a WorkHappy Leadership workshop or retreat.

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