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Einstein’s Secrets To Happiness Has An Unbelievable Price Tag

How Much Is Good Advice Worth From A Credible Source?

We hear inspirational sayings all of the time. Sometimes, we repeat them without fully understanding their meaning. And, when someone untrustworthy says something true, we don’t believe it. When reputation is everything, how much is good advice worth? Someone thought Einstein’s secrets to happiness were worth an unbelievable price.

What Is Einstein’s Secrets To Happiness?

How much would you pay for the secret to happiness? Here at Leslie Inc, we sell solution for finding happiness, but not nearly at the price of Albert Einstein!

In 1922, Einstein was on a lecture tour in Japan. Having gained achieved popularity with his recognition for the theory of special and general relativity, he left a note in place of a tip to a courier at the hotel. The story goes he either didn’t have any change on him or that the courier refused the tip as was local custom at the time.

The notes were hidden for 95 years and were recently on the auction block, fetching a whopping 1.7 million to an undisclosed buyer.

Einstein’s Secrets To Happiness? According to the famed scholar, there isn’t much to being happy. Sometimes, we try too hard when we take a closer look at his advice.

The first note reads “a quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success with constant unrest”.

The second note simply says: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

It is true that imagination is everything when it comes to the power of human will. In fact, Einstein was famous for saying that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” With the ability to explore new concepts and take on new thoughts, imagination can take you places you’ve never before known or realized existed.

For more thoughts on Einstein, the imagination, and the power of the mind, listen to our Elon Musk/Crown Chakra episode on The State of Happiness Podcast.

einstein's secrets to happiness


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