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Don’t Hire A Resume Writer If…

Don’t Hire A Resume Writer If Any Of The Following Pertain To You…


Many people get the impression that they simply need to submit their old resume for a new resume.This isn’t a car dealership, folks.  Most likely, I’ll throw out your old resume and start from scratch.

My clients are deeply involved in the entire resume writing process. From completing a thorough resume questionnaire to discussing their goals and experience with me and discussing the final product, I require an client who is mentally and emotionally prepared to take a hard look at their career. If you’re not ready to learn about yourself and get your professional act together, then you’re probably not ready for a resume overhaul.

YOU EXPECT YOUR RESUME WRITER TO LIE FOR YOU I’m not a fiction author. I concisely write facts. Your career facts. I can always spot a client who is lying about their career profile and job experience; it just doesn’t add up. Additionally, don’t count on me to make up job experience or fluff your resume.

YOU WANT COOKIE CUTTER While I do have a general format to appeal to human resources professionals, I carefully create each resume to illustrate your personality and experience. These types of resumes explode with cohesive detail and history. Standard resumes may list facts, but a resume needs to be much more than that if you want to stand out.

YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO INVEST IN YOUR CAREER I’ll admit that my resume service is not cheap and for good reason. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and cumulative skills to thoughtfully create your most important job search tool. Additionally, your career is what will most likely pay for your entire lifestyle and that of your family. A resume client understands the value of a custom-crafted resume and the affect it plays on their lives.

If you honestly believe a resume will not make a difference in your career, then you might be missing out on the extra salary, benefits, and career opportunities that become available as a result of an astounding resume.

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT My resume clients know what they want, but might not be able to express their desires. After listening to your career desires and learning from your experiences I can create a focused resume. If you are unsure about your future and don’t know what you want right now, then I suggest trying career coaching before developing a resume. Those clients who enroll in career coaching can usually determine their ideal job within four sessions and then graduate to resume writing and in turn get a new job.


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