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Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 2]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of unfinished business and use these 7 emotional pain cure before unhappiness destroys your life.

4. Each Emotional Pain Cure Requires Swift Intervention

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seven core emotions (joy, anger, anxiety, pensiveness, grief, fear, and fright) are associated with main organs in the body. Experiencing sustained negative thoughts, which trigger emotional pain, has pathological affects on the organs – not just on mental health. This interconnected cycle is a painfully vicious one, if swift interventions are not in place to cut off the source of ruminating negative thoughts.

In session, I use the Emotional Freedom Technique, a tapping technique developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, to help my clients clear negative thoughts and phobias. With this simple, yet powerful technique, clients are able to intervene on the imbalanced energy flow by tapping on their main meridian points. By acknowledging these core emotions, thoughts, and energy channels, it is possible to clear away even the most powerful psychological pain.

Happiness Tip: If you’re feeling angry, grab a glass of cold water. Feel the coolness in run down your chest.

emotional pain cure executive stress anxiety

Photo by Dmitry Kotov on Unsplash

5. Put Negative Emotions To Work To Heal Emotional Pain

Give negative emotions a shelf-life. As we have established, it’s unhealthy to live in a mental space of prolonged negativity. Everybody knows that one person in their life who tells the same self-pity story on repeat. Since we all experience a range of negative emotions you can put them to work.

I want to make it clear that we do not have to consistently experience negative emotions and emotional pain to learn in life. However, negative emotions can be used to channel energy into experiencing what we do want out of life. The first thing to do when putting negative emotions to work is to acknowledge them. Accept psychological pain symptoms and appreciate them for opening up the doors to increased personal understanding.

Any attempt to deny emotional pain will only further amplify it. In the words of Carl Jung, “What you resist, persists.”

Happiness Tip: Acknowledge negative emotions: Even though I feel this anxiety, I love and accept myself.

6. Guilt Is A Self-Serving Emotion

Feeling guilt is an emotional pain that lasts a long time. Guilt gives us something to do with our mind and emotions when we’re too afraid to act on our principles. And, as a result, guilt influences negative behavior and is a contributing factor of depression. Why I say that guilt has never helped anybody except for the guilty party, it means that guilt is love in disguise.

New relationship dynamics are a healthy part of healing the psychological pain of guilt.  The fear of rejection and misplaced responsibility is often a hidden component of guilt. Realizing that we are not responsible for the emotional responses of others in our lives (especially adults who react inappropriately) is a start to personal freedom. The best thing we can do for others is to be honest and authentic.

Happiness Tip: When feeling guilty say, “Guilt is just love hiding behind a mask of fear. It’s safe to act upon my truth.”

7. Heal Psychological Pain By Healing What You Think About Yourself

Changing self-perceptions is the most important part of healing psychological pain. Self esteem is the fundamental element of a healthy psyche. An strong belief in oneself and one’s own goodness is the key to enduring psychological well-being.

Emotional pain begins when one doubts their wholeness, goodness, and worthiness. Confidently advocating for yourself and values is easy with a healthy sense of self-awareness. The journey of healing psychological pain and the symptoms of physical pain begins by taking stock in the soul’s unfinished business.

Psychological pain does not have to be a burden you experience alone. Call upon a trusted guide to help see you through this passage of your life.

Happiness Tip: Even though you can’t control what other people think about you, you can control how you feel about yourself.


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