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Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 1]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of emotional suffering before unhappiness destroys your life.

Psychological pain is also called mental anguish, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. Psychological pain manifests in different ways in different people. And, psychological pain rears its ugly head during different events in our lives. The most common life moments that spur psychological pain is the a loss of a loved one, financial insecurity, and sudden tragic, life altering events.

Change is a major component to healing psychological pain. And, the ability to transform a negative situation into a purposeful one is key to maintaining psychological and emotional clarity. Here are seven ways to heal and understand the sources of emotional pain.

1. Fulfilled Emotional Needs Cure Psychological Pain

Psychological pain is a symptom of systemic imbalances in the emotional and mental energy systems. And, psychological pain, like physical pain, has an immediate need to fulfill. When unfulfilled emotional needs surface, they present themselves as pain. Just as an open wound needs prompt medical treatment, mental pain and emotional anguish needs immediate attention, too. However, many ignore their psychological pain and falsely believe powering through the discomfort will make it go away.

Unfulfilled emotional needs can be a need for love, acceptance, peace, freedom, etc.  Instead of ignoring emotional pain, ask what your heart needs to know and experience in order to heal itself. Many believe the illusion that others must meet our emotional needs. However, happy people know that they are fully capable of meeting their own emotional needs and create life situations and relationships that encourage this process.

Happiness Tip: When you feel pain, hit the pause button. What is really happening & what do you really need?

2. Release Psychological Pain From The Body

Your spirit calls for help through physical pain. As mentioned above, chronic physical pain is often attributed to unsatisfied emotional needs. We spend our days looking for medications to dull the symptoms, but don’t spend a moment to listen to our bodies for essential insight. We give the pain unsatisfactory attention but the physical pain builds up. The build up of unfulfilled emotional needs is amplified by physical pain.

Stiffness, tightness, and general aches are signs of unfinished emotional business. Sort through the psychological and spiritual aspect, find yourself in a healthy body. As the famous medical psychic, Edgar Cayce, once affirmed in one of his readings, that the great mystic Hermes was indeed correct that As above, so below. As within, so without. 

Reveal The Positive Intention To Remove Pain

psychological pain cure

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Never fear, however, because behind every negative emotion lies a powerful positive intention. Imagine, you feel angry because someone is late. So, you lash out in the anger when the person finally shows up. If you take a moment to acknowledge your feelings, you may discover that the anger is hiding helplessness over another’s actions and a strong desire to demonstrate respect by arriving on time. With further analysis, you may learn that it’s important to not control others and know that what others do – and think – regardless of whether we are on time or not, is not our personal responsibility. We can only do our best according to our highest ideals.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, expert on epigentics, proves with basic microbiology that the mind influences the expression of illness. Your general mood and thoughts have the power to create physical environments that manifest disease, stress, and bodily discomfort. This is why it’s essential to be mindful of how you think and what you feel at all times. Losing track of our emotional state leads to automatic fear-based reactions.

Happiness Tip:  Scan your body for pain. Imagine melting it away to reveal the loving intention. What does it say? 

3. Ruminating Thoughts Cause & Perpetuate Psychological Pain

For many, some of life’s greatest problems last longer than a day. You might have experienced prolonged joblessness, lived with a dying relative, or experienced a rough patch with your partner. With sustained worries like that in come ruminating thoughts. Rumination is a manifestation of focused attention to challenging life situations. When we don’t have the proper tools and strategies, it’s no surprise that our minds repeat the problem hoping to come up with a new solution.

Albert Einstein was correct when he said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Rumination is a sign of anxiety. And, anxiety is also a sign that you have insufficient sleep and imbalanced physical health. If you experience uncontrolled ruminating thoughts, it is an urgent sign from your brain to rest and recharge or risk a mental breakdown. Take back power from ruminating thoughts and complete the negative thoughts with a positive action or thought to counterbalance the negative spiral.

Psychological pain does not have to be a burden you experience alone for a long time. Call upon a trusted guide to help see you through this passage of your life.

Happiness Tip: When experiencing repeating negative thoughts, finish the sentence with a positive twist.


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