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Coming Out: I’m Intuitive – Part 2


To catch up on the first part of this story, read Part 1.

I’ve worked over the last seven years as a leadership and career coach. The career that I’ve built for myself has been, for the most part, very logical and very cut and dry. I built a personal brand for myself as an expert in career and personal development in what is typically a very straight-forward, non-touchy feely world of work. Anyone of my clients who has known me long enough knows that I take a very holistic approach to my work – as noted by the 4Cs – but I have never said to a client, “Spirit shows me…”. Well, at least not blatantly… and believe me, there are times where I’ve dealt with challenged clients and have wanted to blurt that out.

When I worked through postpartum depression after the birth of my first child, the Bean, the spiritual experiences increased because, at that time, my ego was at its lowest. In other words, the veil from this world and that of the spiritual world was much thinner because my selfish interests weren’t in the way. Fortunately, with new friends and France’s exceptional medical care, I was able to integrate these gifts into my healing process and I was back to being my normal self. When I felt better I put the importance of my intuitive gifts aside, even if they continued to play a role in my daily life.

This past year, my old clients kept coming back to me, but I wasn’t getting any brand new business despite some pretty good networking progress I had made. I knew intuitively that this was the clear sign for my to change my orientation, but I felt confused and, more importantly, afraid to come out publicly about my abilities. I had my son, Bonhomme, and focused on raising him and my daughter instead and once again, put the call to action aside.

Without missing a beat, life happens. My maternal grandmother died on New Year’s day. Our sweet neighbor, Jerry, passed away from cancer. Then, we had a kitchen fire and the same day, Mr. J’s grandfather, Papi, passed away at 104. Due to issues with our landlord’s insurance, we lived in a hotel for two months. The stress, uncertainty in protecting my children, and the emotional burden was difficult to manage, but somehow, according to those who see me daily, I managed to make it look like everything was just fine. Once again, the spiritual veil began to wear thin and I could sense the build up of anxiety in my body and mind as I continued to minimize the messages and visitations I was receiving. I was just trying to get back home, I believed that I didn’t have time, nor the emotional space, to sit down and meditate on my spiritual journey. Actually, while I write this, I realize that the whole time, the Universe was trying to get me back home to my spiritual roots.

Eventually, I had what could be equated to an emotional breakdown (on the night of the full moon eclipse, no less) because I felt Spirit wanting to make its presence known in my life and more specifically, my career. To make sure I wasn’t going mad, I went to see a psychiatrist who, thank God, was open enough to refer me to a psychologist with intuitive abilities. And, for good measure, I spoke with other intuitives who (without knowing anything about my private battle) all unanimously agreed that it was time to move on with my work and integrate this “other half” of myself into my life. It was all validation of what I knew I needed to do for more than two years, but was afraid that I would be emotionally unprepared to deal with the different reactions I’d receive from those in my life, because I have known rejection – by those I have loved the most – and I can tell you there is no other pain quite like it.

The psychologist I saw employed energy healing techniques (dealing with chakras) and past life regression to deal with the same anxiety issues that surfaced during my postpartum depression and the PTSD I had from my abusive childhood. It changed my life. The experienced answered so many deep, private questions I had about myself, my gifts, my life and relationships that had been lingering for decades. It was cathartic and healing. With a bit more guidance and reflection, I knew that I wanted to incorporate hypnosis, energy healing, and spiritual guidance into my work as a coach. What usually takes me 2-3 months of coaching with a client, took three sessions for me. I saw the great potential in helping people with their personal and professional issues in a shorter amount of time and with faster results.

Having employed hypnosis during both of my childbirth experiences, I was aware of the benefits. I used the visualizations I learned in the hypnobirthing to help me fall into meditation, but I didn’t realize how much more could be done by incorporating the use of my intuitive gifts, hypnotherapy, and energy work (because I can see auras) into my coaching work.

Once I accepted that I could very well use my gifts and the techniques that helped heal my traumas, I started researching about different training and I discovered a local hypnotherapy program. So, in June, I’m beginning training that will begin a one year journey to earn the various certifications to become a certified hypnotherapist.

Maybe some potential clients will be totally turned off by this confession. Some people just want a business expert or some former CEO to tell them how to live their lives and run their businesses. But, in my experience, most clients want more than that – they want meaning in their lives and they want their careers to express that. And, from my experience, my work thus far has only taken people halfway to their fullest potential; I want to walk them totally across the bridge by cutting down to the bone of what is really affecting their careers and lives so they can move on with complete self understanding. What better companion on your path of self-discovery and creation than someone who has walked through the pits of hell and has lived to tell the tale?

So here I am, standing at the dawn of a new era in my life and career. I’m going to be more open about my experiences and work here on the blog and it’ll change the overall feel and attitude, I’m sure. However, the overall message will always be about living and loving life and I’m still the woman I’ve always been, it’s just your perspective of me that’s changed.


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