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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

Coming Out: I’m Intuitive

Expert Career Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Describes Discovering Her Intuitive Gifts

We’ve all got strengths. Most of the time, we use them. Other times, we don’t. Even if it’s glaringly obvious that we should.

I guess it’s time that I come out of the closet. No, it’s not what you think. It’s probably what you and I would have least expected that I would do. But here goes: I’m intuitive. I detest the word psychic because it implies some kind of lady wearing a turban, looking into a crystal ball. No, no. I’m just a run of the mill housewife that just so happens to see spirits of people who have crossed over, see colors around people’s bodies (auras), hears messages from Spirit, angels, and dreams prophetic dreams.

If you remember, I wrote a blog post about the different kinds of dreams I have, but that post was the tip of the iceberg. I have to just come out and say it, I have a very strong sixth sense and I use it just about all of the time.

I can physically see auras around animals, plants, and people. I can tell if they’re thinking hard about something or if they’re ill or unwell. I love watching people who are excited about what they’re talking about because it’s like watching colors burst out of people’s heads. I can see the colors around people’s heads and bodies and get a glimpse into their interior world through these colors. I have seen them all of my life and I thought it was something everyone could see until I asked my husband, Mr J, and he convinced me quite clearly that no, not everyone sees these energies.

Sometimes, when they want to be seen, spirits of those who have died – I can’t say that all have crossed over because sometimes they haven’t gone to the other side – will come to me. Some who have committed suicide and want to express their regrets, some who have killed others (and themselves) in car accidents, parents of children who want to assure that they’re still around and very proud, and even children who want to tell their grieving parents that they’re happy on the other side. Friends who have died of cancer, my own relatives have visited me. They come to me. I don’t seek them out. I was very afraid of seeing them in physical form, so they come to me like a projection on a drive-in movie screen in my mind’s eye or through a dream. Just recently, a friend who recently passed away came to me to send a message to his wife and he was like a hologram. What scared me wasn’t him, but my neighbor who came into view just after I saw him. We had quite the laugh after my eyes bulged out of my head and I yelled, “Oh sh*t!” when I laid eyes on him. Spirits don’t scare me. People do. How funny.

Occasionally, I get the energy of people who are sick or dying and want me to pass a message onto to their their loved ones (that, for some reason, their ego is too proud or unwilling to say face to face). I can see a perfect stranger and get a message for them from Spirit, not knowing what the message is about, but once I deliver the message, the person seems to know perfectly what I mean. The most curious part of that is seeing the look in people’s eyes.

I can be sitting with someone and start to get flashes of images in my mind’s eye, so I’ll start asking, “Who is this person?” or “Why do I see this image?” or  I’ll say, “Someone looks like they’ve got a disease or drug addicted.” My friend will say, “Oh, that’s so-and-so, and they were addicted to drugs for so many years…”

I dream nightly. I get messages for people who are dealing with bad relationships, who feel lost in their careers, and I can access old memories of people and help them figure out some knowledge from that memory or experience. I get past life dreams and am sometimes fortunate to receive visitations from angels and ascended masters. Heck, I’ve physically seen an angel with my own eyes

These things aren’t even all of the experiences and gifts that I have. I’m excellent in automatic writing, too – which makes it easy for me to write articles before deadline. There are other things I can do and have yet to master because there are so many ways to connect to Spirit.

I’ve gone my whole life feeling like I don’t really belong because of these gifts.  Heck, even some people in my close circle are weirded out by it, but still find a way to accept me unconditionally. Fortunately, one of my best friends is Wiccan, so talking about this makes it easier to express and work through even if we have different takes on Spirit. I have found a few people in my life to support me and embrace the way I am. And Mr J loves it… while he’s disappointed that I haven’t given him any winning lottery numbers, he’s always amazed as to how Spirit works through me.

There is a lot of fear around coming out as an intuitive especially when past experiences seem to define them. I’ll get information and some people look at me like I belong in a mental institution or they’ll pretend to ignore some things I say or see. I receive information to help people that when I share them can make them feel either blissful or either enraged. I’ve been avoided, ignored, shamed, and berated for my gifts because sometimes people don’t want to deal with their unresolved issues or are simply too afraid to and don’t know how to deal with them and they certainly don’t like being told by someone who they think knows nothing about their situation. I get it, I truly do. Because of these rare, nasty reactions, I spent years shoving these gifts down and not communicating them. I found another way to use them and that’s through coaching, but for the last two and a half years, Spirit has told me that it’s simply not enough…

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