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Choosing What Makes You Happy: Day 4 Outdoor Retailer

Choosing What Makes You Happy Is A Daily Action

On Day Three of Outdoor Retailer, I realized that there is power in sharing our personal struggles as a tool to inspire others to take action. I believe now, more than even ever that choosing what makes you happy is an inspiring, daily action. Serendipitous discussions on Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer drove this very important lesson home for me.

It was time to wake up. I wasn’t panicking like I was on Day Two of Outdoor Retailer, but I was feeling a little nervous. Something said, “Turn on the TV”. I flipped on the TV and on was Rocky was on the screen.

Watching the film immediately reminded me of Sylvester Stallone’s big break. Stallone was a struggling actor who was so broke that he had to sell his dog for a measely $25 just to get by. Then, one day, when it seemed that all hope was lost and that he would fail, he saw a boxing match on TV that would forever alter the course of his life. Immediately following that moment, he went home to write, in just a couple of days, Rocky – a film that would gross over $200 million worldwide.

The film and Sly’s story inspired me because he chose to do what made him happy. His story and career is a testament to that.

sylvester stalone rocky quotes

But that’s not all, I mustered what appetite I had to share an egg breakfast that room service brought up with Hannah. We collected ourselves in good spirits much thanks to Rocky and head out for another day of teaching and connecting.

When we arrived at the Denver Convention Center, we found lecture booth full. Tony*, from last night, was there with his executive client. After our revealing talk the night before, he wanted his client to hear what I had to say. In the workshop, I taught how to resolve any conflict in four simple steps. And, I answered questions from the audience, many of whom attended my previous lecture on Awakening The Fearless Entrepreneur.

The convention booth was so loud that I found myself yelling into the microphone. I noticed much of the audience taking notes and nodding their heads to my stories. Because so many of us live life full of conflict, that getting any bit of actionable advice to stop it becomes a step towards relief.

Meeting A Writer Who Chose Happiness

When I finished my workshop, I immediately was connected with Tony’s client and continued about my day meeting more new people. Hannah and I organized ourselves after lunch and made a connection with Jen Murphy, a writer and editor, who decided to leave behind the hustle of Manhattan magazine life for one of adventure based out of Boulder, Colorado. And, coincidentally, wore the same exact Ralph Lauren pants to the show.

As I listened to Jen’s story, I realized that she had a clear and conscious moment of what was making her unhappy. And, she decided to act on what makes her happy – sacrificing what she once believed would make her happy. Since she made her decision to focus on what does make her happy, she’s been traveling the world, pushing her limits.

Running Towards What Makes You Happy

That night, Hannah and I were invited to a VIP dinner at Corrine by our friends at Outdoor Retailer. The men who I had met the night before were also there. Three of them sat next to me at the end of the table.

In front of me was a Ray*, an ultra marathoner who was at the convention seeking sponsors. Ray was intrigued by my readings of the other men at the table and by the story that my client Chip* had to share the night before. He gave me the go ahead to tell him what I saw in his energy.

I looked at him intensely. Before me, I saw a man, while in between us, the face of a fair haired woman. I looked at him and said, “There is a fair haired woman from your past. I think she’s still alive. Do you understand?”

He didn’t immediately recognized the sign because Ray said he dated many fair haired women, but the woman stayed in my line of vision. She’s not going, so I’m sticking with her until I get more signs.

“She could be connected to someone who has passed,” And then, in that moment, I saw the image of myself driving a car at night. Feeling tired, I saw myself hitting a guard rail at night. Then, black.

Did you know a fair haired woman who was connected to a man who died in a car accident at night? I asked.

He said he knew two people who died in a car accident, but one at night and one connected to the woman I described.

He said, “I dated a girl when I was in college who told me about a kid we went to high school with who died in a drunk driving accident. I didn’t know why she told me about it until my parents suggested that there was something going on between her and the victim. I never knew the full story.”

“He tells me, ‘Don’t believe everything you hear.'”

Do What Makes You Happy While You’re Still Living

I went on,

But there is a reason why this man is here tonight. He wants me to explain to you how dying actually is like. He says it’s like closing your eyes and then waking up in Heaven. When we let go of all of our burdens, our worries, and our ego and become one with everything – that’s what Heaven is like. We can actually achieve this state while living – we don’t actually have to die. That’s what the Buddha talked about when it comes to Oneness.

Ray listened to me, intrigued by my explanation.

I asked him directly and specifically, “Do you wonder or worry about what it’s like to die?”

He responded, “Every day.”

Part Two to Day 4 Continued… 

What Makes You Happy?

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