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Beware of what motivates you: How to use your intuition for good

Do You Know How You Use Your Intuition?

The only difference between a villain and a super hero is what motivates her.

Both individuals have powers and ability. Both have resources and strength.

Neville Goddard once said, "The rich man, poor man, beggar man or thief are not different minds, but different arrangements of the same mind."

We are all psychic. We are all intuitive.

We display our intuitive, creative abilities in different ways.

Just as a plumber can spatially see the arrangement of perfectly flowing pipes in a building or a musical artist can hear the arrangement of a hit song in their mind, we all experience intuition and bear its fruit in different ways.

People are not aware of what motivates them sometimes. Well, a lot of the time.

Asleep, we wander through life: consuming, eating, walking, talking - not really aware of what causes us to say and do the things we do.

I'm writing a book that teaches how to build awareness of the spiritual impulses that influence our behaviors. It's awaken to me a message that I want to share today:

Beware of what motivates you. And, further more, beware of what's deceiving you.

Are You Aware of How Your Premises Drive You To Use Your Intuition?

In logic, what motivates us is called premises. We base our actions and decisions on premises. Premises, as I discuss in my book The Money Formula are our beliefs.

Beliefs can be simple like, "Life is hard." or "Money is hard to come by" or "Trust no one."

I say to people who deal with "difficult people": Do nothing and watch them play themselves. Emotionally detach and watch how their own premises take shape in their reality.

That's the issue - emotional detachment. If people knew how to emotionally detach, we'd have zero problems on Earth.

We emotionally identify with our beliefs. That, in and of itself, forms our habits, actions, and framework of our relationships and reality. We carry out our beliefs through the employ of our intuitive abilities.

Our entire imaginations are warped by false premises. That's how a hero can turn into a villain.

Today, I mentor young people with strong intuitive faculties. I help them develop strong control of their minds, their focus, and imaginative abilities to create their best possible lives.

I warn my students they must carefully choose their premises. Their beliefs must be based on love, truth, and freedom. It's easy to anchor onto false beliefs, dogmas, and then employ our intuitive abilities to control others and outcomes. Unfortunately, it comes at a price: pain, suffering, separation, disillusionment, and loss.

Your Character Drives How You Use Your Intuition

I used to coach hundreds of clients. Some of those clients thought that they should become "intuitive coaches", too. They saw me do it, make good money at it, and thought they could do it, too. Truth is, anyone can call themselves an intuitive, hang up a shingle, and charge 200 bucks an hour from one day to the next. I don't advise my clients to do it unless they're willing to do one important thing: live their life in a Godly way.

The Adventist Church calls this "living God's character". Being a coach puts one in a position of power. That power demands of the person to be a clear channel for that power to flow through. Anything blocking that - selfishness, greed, control - weakens the effectiveness of that service a person attempts to provide. Fact is, the job is not about me, but about surrendering to that power which is working through me.

Should one want to teach others how to get it right, every day must be spent on understanding how I got it wrong and how I turned it around.

It's a humbling job. It's an emotionally authentic way of life. It's not about presenting a strong, wise, know-it-all persona but rather walking a vulnerable, honest, and simple path of living.

Use Your Intuition For Selfish Reasons And Pay The Price

I can not tell you how may people come to me and ask me to show them how to be psychic.

I warn people that they can misuse their intuitive abilities for selfish reasons. There is dark magic: Casting curses. Voodoo dolls. Psychic attacks. Revenge rituals. Mind control tactics. All of that is very real. I don't teach people how to "get even" or "get what they want at all costs" with their intuitive and mental faculties.

I can not tell you how many people come to see me and ask for healing.

I can perform the healing. However, the healing won't last if the person is not willing to free themselves from the false premises that re-create their pain and suffering. Going to the surgeon, acupuncture, reiki, massage, or any physical healing modality is just a band aid to what really ails you: your false premises. For example, one cannot hold a grudge and not expect to feel it in their body.

John Schindler wrote in his book How To Live 365 Days A Year that research has shown that most illness is psychosomatic; that is, emotional stress is at the core of physical pain and suffering. No concoction, pills, modality, or talking about the problem will eliminate the problem. It's getting rid of the beliefs that create and store the pain in the body-mind. Doing so requires tapping into forgiveness, humility, serenity, and peace within us. We must let our old self die to be born again, so to speak.

Using Intuitive Abilities Doesn't Make you "HOly"

If you meet someone who claims to be psychic or an intuitive coach, or even a leader in any field be sure to look at their fruits:

  • how they go through the day

  • how they perceive and deal with "problematic people"

  • how they perceive the world at large

  • how they resolve problems

  • how they advise others to face their own challenges

  • what kind of attitudes they "stir up" in their language

  • how they are perceived by their spouse, children, family, and friends

  • and their ability to sustain life (projects, relationships, ecosystems) around them

There are false prophets out there. It's like the story of Moses and Aaron confronting the Pharaoh's magicians. Yes, the pharaoh's magician's could also turn their staffs into snakes. It doesn't mean that they're using their abilities for the right reasons.

Also, there are spirit channelers out there who channel so-called "guides". But they don't have the power of discernment to realize they're getting their messages from demons and disincarnates. There are people who take psychedelics and claim they see God (or, a race of aliens coming to pick them up on a comet). They latch on to beliefs and narratives that divide and stigmatize.

Premises are assumptions of fact. Where do we get our facts from, anyway? This is why I teach my intuitive students to ask who is giving them the information and to test those sources. Just because it's from an intuitive source, doesn't always mean it's a source with loving intentions.

Don't Use Your Intuition For Your Own Agenda

Someone asked me if "so-and-so" was a client of mine. They told me that this person was marketing themselves as an intuitive coach. And, the feedback from their clients was that their messages were "inauthentic" and seemed geared towards forcing their own agenda rather than helping the clients find "the truth" for themselves. That was unfortunate, because it's not what I had hoped for them.

I remembered that person asking me what training they should do to become a coach and what I said to them.

I said, "Take a year to get the training you need, but that focus should be spent on working on yourself. Through that process, you'll discover how you're able to help people."

The good thing is, this person will meet and come to understand their own premises and come to terms with that in their own time. The consequences and outcomes of their choices will teach them the truth. That's how duality works to teach us the power of discernment.

Use Your Intuition With The Right Source of Inspiration

We are all intuitive. We all hear voices. We all feel things. We all have visions. We all go through life manifesting our beliefs into reality. However, those who are aware of what motivates them, what controls them, what influences them are onto something bigger. Those who consciously choose the source of that are the ones who use their intuition properly.

Beware of what motivates you. And ask yourself, "Where did I get that idea from?"

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