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Become An Edgar Cayce Life Coach with Leslie Juvin-Acker

Become An Edgar Cayce Life Coaching At The Association For Research And Enlightenment

In April 2018, I’ll be joining the Edgar Cayce Life Coach program as a teacher. The A.R.E. professional Life Coach Certificate Training takes place at the Association For Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach. Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Hypnotherapist, Peter Woodbury is the program leader.

What Makes Me An Edgar Cayce Life Coach?

I have been an active student of the Edgar Cayce material for over a decade. I actively apply the holistic lifestyle imbued by Edgar Cayce and A.R.E. teachers at my home and business. Meditation, prayer, and practicing patience in a mindful state of living are ideals I teach to my life coaching clients.

Some of the ways the Edgar Cayce readings fit within the framework of my coaching practice are as follows:

Hypnosis & Psychic Phenomena

To begin, Edgar Cayce received all of his information from what is called the Akashic Records. It’s kind of like the universal cloud storage where everything that has ever occurred gets recorded. And, within that exists potential based on our present thoughts and attitudes. Like Minority Report, in a way.

Cayce accessed the Akasha in a hypnotic trance. By by-passing his ego, he was able to tune into a dimension where information is easily retrieved. Like Google.

I use hypnosis with my clients to help them heal themselves. And while in my own hypnotic trance, I use this to consciously read clients who desire perspective into their own life situations.

Non-Denominational Spiritual Practice & Universal Love

Moreover, what is significant about the Edgar Cayce readings is that they focus on being in harmony with the Creative Forces. Within us is the potential to be a channel for brotherly love. While Cayce was Christian in paradigm himself, he said that all religions were a path towards God.

A forefather of the New Age movement, Edgar Cayce’s readings and legacy focus on spiritual evolution. Both on personal and cultural levels. In my practice, I do not focus on any one religion. Instead, for example, if my client is a Buddhist, I speak to them in Buddhist terms. I have learned to see the best tenants of each major world religion as ideals for personal growth.

Intuition & Emotional Intelligence

Coupled with psychic phenomena, I help my clients build and trust their own intuition. My clients learn to tap into their intuition to find the source of illness and stress. These disturbances can be found in karmic circumstances, negative thought patterns, and unresolved emotions. Edgar Cayce read and taught at length the importance of honing one’s own intuition to reduce suffering throughout life.

Past Life Regression & Reincarnation

Then, as a psychic medium with the ability to read past lives, I help clients see the patterns in their lives that reflect unresolved spiritual karma. Whether it is to heal health issues, relationship problems, or find direction and purpose, past life regression provides an avenue for lasting personal change.

Reincarnation plays a huge role in my practice as a Edgar Caycle life coach. From the perspective of different life times, we can see the general attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that created present circumstances. I find this aspect of my work fascinating and engaging as do my clients.

Healing & Energy Therapy

Additionally, as an EFT practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, hypnotherapist, and aroma acupressure practitioner, I mix these techniques into my coaching practice. Edgar Cayce talked about mixing complementary techniques and traditional medical techniques for holistic health.

Depending on the client, I use a particular modality that best suits their needs. I find myself more dynamic as a life coach and mentor to my clients.

Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Finally, Edgar Cayce was a proponent for healthy, moderate living. Yes, he smoked cigarettes. Yes, he worked himself into fatigue. He was human.

In the thousands of health readings that he gave, Cayce focused on leading a healthy lifestyle. A major part of a healthy lifestyle is diet, nutrition, and exercise. Additionally, he regularly talked about good attitudes and being aligned with our life’s purpose.

Uniquely, as an Edgar Cayce life coach, I get my clients to reverse engineer their health and connect them with their lifestyle choices.

How Will I Help Each New Edgar Cayce Life Coach Embrace Their Coaching Style?

For parts of the week, I will be helping Peter Woodbury and other experts guide life coaching students in their training. First, I will be teaching students how I found a way to integrate the Cayce material into my coaching practice. Second, I will be sharing how I developed my unique client base. And third, I will be sharing my own coaching model as an Edgar Cayce life coach.

I will also raise funds for Home Start with two special readings intuitive reading events.

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