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Awaken The Fearless Entrepreneur At Outdoor Retailer in Denver

Join Me At Outdoor Retailer in Denver January 25th-28th

I’m thrilled and delighted to be teaching professionals and business leaders in the outdoor industry how to Awaken The Fearless Entrepreneur and Resolve Conflict In 4 Simple Steps at Outdoor Retailer in Denver this week. Learn More About My Workshops.

Having coached hundreds of professionals in the outdoor and lifestyle industry, I was invited by my friends at Outdoor Retailer to teach two key workshops to help business leaders and entrepreneurs start 2018 on the right foot.

outdoor retailer in denver

In my signature #workHAPPY workshop, I’ll be helping attendees to Awaken The Fearless Entrepreneur within:

  1. Discover how stress and anxiety negatively impacts your business decisions and management style.

  2. Take control of your fears and overcome them.

  3. Learn a powerful technique to increase humor, relaxation, and happiness.

Location: The Camp (Booth 56117-UL)  Thursday, January 25, 2018: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Additionally, I’ll teach audiences how to Resolve Conflict in 4 Simple Steps.

  1. Learn logical fallacies that escalate conflict.

  2. Common failures that inhibit honest communication

  3. Take home a simple technique to get from stuck to stoked.

  4. Location: The Camp (Booth 56117-UL) Saturday, January 27, 2018: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Are you going to Outdoor Retailer? Do you work in the outdoor industry? If you’ll be at Outdoor Retailer in Denver this week, come by and join other Happy Campers. If you won’t be in the area, I’ll also be streaming on Facebook Live at Official Leslie Inc. Follow my stories at Instagram at @leslieinc.

Looking For An Subject Matter Expert on Lifestyle Industry Leadership,  Mindful Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence?

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next conference or event, reach out to my team at officialleslieinc (at

Find out what #workHAPPY attendees have to say!


Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you’re ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie’s guide packs. Take the Happiness Assessment To Find Out Which Life Area Stresses You Most.

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