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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

Asking For A Raise: Give Me More Money Now!

You’re ready for a raise, but are you ready to ask for one? Find out how you can effectively ask for a raise.

How Is Company Performance? If your company managed to survive and thrive through the recession, then you might qualify for a raise. Know the state of your company’s finances before asking for a raise. Asking for a raise when your company is doing poorly will make you look like a jerk.

Are You Worth It? When I worked in an office, I had a notebook that listed all of my daily tasks and gave information about my projects’ progress. That way, my superiors always knew what I had accomplished, the time frames, and the contributions I made to the company. I never wanted to leave a moment of doubt when it came time to explain my performance during reviews and raise conversations. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the market value of your job and compare it to your actual duties. Are you going above and beyond when using your skills? Identify how you match up to others who do your similar job.

Ask When You’re Shining Ask for a raise when you’re glowing for a recent work accomplishment. You’ll have the confidence and evidence you will need when negotiating a raise. Superiors can’t argue good performance, especially in light of recent positive contributions.

Ask For More Raises conversations are negotiations. I encourage my clients to ask for 10-15% more than what the want. Most of the time, they can get that number, but often, they’ll receive a counter offer and will land in their ideal salary increase.

Create A Contingency Plan If you can’t get a raise, think of other benefits that will make your work more enjoyable. Some people want more flexibility to work outside of the office. Some simply need more supplies or maybe a company car.

Make No Ultimatums Don’t force your manager to give you a raise. Give him or her no reason to say no based on the evidence of success you’ve provided. Forcing your manager to give you a response with a threat that you’ll leave will make for difficult professional relationships – you might even get fired. Remember, you’re not all about the money, but the quality of life and work you need to perform better.

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