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7 Surprising Ways Your Job Is Triggering Social Anxiety [Part 2]

Does the idea of going back to work give you social anxiety? Can’t wait to get away from critical bosses, colleagues, and clients in a toxic work environment? You’re not alone.

5. Why Your Toxic Work Environment Stresses You Out

Toxic work environments aren’t just places with bad lighting, uncomfortable chairs, and ugly locations.  Workplace conflict, blaming, and arguments create toxic work environments. It’s no surprise that unhealthy corporate cultures stray far from their core values.

Strained interactions makes social anxiety worse. Because when employees forget the business’ core values, the brand erodes from the inside out. Brand expert, Denise Lee Yohn writes that great brands consistently connect to their core values. As a result of this deep brand connection, employees feel empowered and make business decisions inline with brand values. Brand engagement is a job done from the inside out.

Take a moment to remember your own personal values and empower yourself with communication skills to build self-confidence.

6. Demanding, Negative Thoughts Distract Your Ability To Think Straight

Knowing the difference between gossip, manipulation, and general complaining is unclear when you hear so many clashing voices. Unfortunately, the negative comments you hear eventually penetrate your own thoughts. Before long, judgmental thoughts lead you down a road of conflicting feelings and self-doubt.

Self-doubt is a powerful de-motivator. Self-doubt are fear, worry, and hopelessness are core emotions of social anxiety. Pulling yourself out of a swirling vortex of self-doubt seems impossible. Dealing with people is an overwhelming task for professionals with social anxiety.

If you find yourself caught up in gossip, self-doubt, and a swirl of negativity you soon find that work productivity falls substantially. So, not only are you trying to swim the tide of negativity, you’re unable to get out of the cycle that procrastination and distraction creates.

social anxiety can be triggered by work

7. Fear of Not Finding A Way Out of A Dead End Job

I wish I could say that the fear of getting stuck is not a big one with executives, but it is. Many professionals that confide in me worry about getting stuck in an unfulfilling position or in an industry that is dead and dying. An uncertain future amplifies social anxiety because it reminds you of the impending need to get help and find a way out of a dead end job.

You can’t get out of a dead end job alone. Teamwork and a group of caring individuals is essential for success. Whether you want to explore different avenues or find a new career entirely, social anxiety can get in the way of making a simple request for help.

Social Anxiety & Burnout Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

If your company does not prioritize building healthy corporate cultures, take control of your emotional well-being. Learning different coping mechanisms helps to reduce social anxiety. And, getting to the source of social anxiety clears the symptoms that keep you from success.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps my clients with high functioning social anxiety. Targeting negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions instead of avoiding busts anxiety – and their roots – fast.

Featured Photo by Manuel Will on Unsplash


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