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7 Surprising Ways Your Job Is Triggering Social Anxiety [Part 1]

Does the idea of going back to work give you social anxiety? Can’t wait to get away from critical bosses, colleagues, and clients? You’re not alone.

1. Why Constant Criticism Increases Social Anxiety

Everybody has an opinion.  Not all opinions are useful in the business context. Staying calm is challenging when adults whine. Research actually shows that complaining is bad for your health and bad attitudes are contagious.

Worrying about what people think about you is a sign of anxiety. Especially after hearing constant criticism, complaints, and blaming on the job all day. Anxiety manifests as defensiveness and touchy, especially when you haven’t had the chance to process how you feel. And, personally attacked increases paranoia and negative self-talk.

You may know that you’re living with a severe case of social anxiety. Because of this awareness, you might fear being labeled as crazy, mentally ill, or incompetent. Anxious professionals often choose to suffer in secret than talk about their anxiety.

2. How Anxiety Is Created By Overworking

My clients who feel job anxiety report feeling like they can’t stop working. They believe that if they stop working, then nothing will resolve itself. And, as anxiety logic goes, if nothing resolves itself then nobody will pay the bills – and worse, life will fall apart. After finally get to the point of exhaustion my clients realize that it isn’t life that’s falling apart – they are.

Inadequate personal time to relax and unwind is a common complaint of overworked leaders.  Because of exhaustion, over worked managers spend their free time sleeping as a way of recovering. Research suggests that overwork impairs the brain and sleep patterns. When the body gets inadequate rest, chemical imbalances due to ineffective recovery only fuels anxiety.

3. How Business Travel Exhaustion Creates Social Anxiety

Business travel sees no sign of slowing down – even in a highly technical business landscape. Professionals still prefer face to face meetings to build rapport and close deals.

Hyper alertness of your physical surroundings and personal security in a world where international business travel is risky, travel exhaustion can rear its ugly head. High amounts of traveling contributes to higher cases of stroke, heart attack, and thrombosis. I can report at least one of my clients have experienced a heart attack after a business trip. Other clients report emotional episodes on their way home from a work trip. Add traveling stresses to an overtaxed body and a general sense of unhappiness, these conditions pave the path towards burnout.

4. Why Worrying About Your Business Sales Makes You Anxious

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know how making ends meet with a sale can either make or break your month. The stress to pay business debts and employees, while focusing on growth is overwhelming to even the most determined leaders. The idea of sales prospecting creates serious social anxiety when you know one lost lead costs you your month.

Hiding social anxiety why trying to make a sale only worsens symptoms. Social anxiety drives a wedge between you and your colleagues because you’re so overwhelmed by inner criticism and fears that you avoid facing problems with other people. Because of this, social anxiety creates even more problems on the job and leads to a vicious cycle of avoidance patterns and self-sabotage.

Social Anxiety & Burnout Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

If your company does not prioritize building healthy corporate cultures, take control of your emotional well-being. Learn different coping mechanisms to reduce social anxiety. And, getting to the source of social anxiety clears the symptoms that keep you from success.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps my clients with high functioning social anxiety. Targeting negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions instead of avoiding busts anxiety – and their roots – fast.


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