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7 Simple Ways To Relieve Work Overwhelm

Does Your Work Overwhelm Your Life?

Work overwhelm affects millions of professionals each day. Stress can kill the most promising careers – not just negatively impact your health. These seven simple tips will help you gain perspective, relieve stress, and stop negative thinking in its tracks.

work overwhelm free career advice

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Identify Your Repetitive Overwhelming Thoughts

We get so lost in our thoughts that it’s hard to find our way out. Take stock of what automatic thoughts are driving you. Find out what you’re really worrying about to take control of your feelings. Keep a journal to observe the common worries and thoughts you experience at work.

work overwhelm career advice

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Physically Step Away From The Worries

Sometimes, it takes leaving your zip code to gain a fresh perspective on your career. Take a mini-vacation in your local area if you can’t get away from home for too long. Unplug and leave your phone at home and put work overwhelm at bay.

work overwhelm

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Relax Your Body

A stressed mind cannot exist in a relaxed body. If you notice yourself getting stressed and can’t stop the negative thinking, then immediately get some exercise. Go for a long walk and expand your lungs to release work overwhelm.

work overwhelm insomnia career tips

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Create A Night Time Ritual

Anxiety wreaks havoc on sleep patterns. And, insomnia is common symptom of work overwhelm.

Start your day right with a calming sleep routine. Set up a nighttime routine for shutting down to fully relax and release work stress. Put a sleep reminder on your phone to ding alerting you when it’s time to wind down. Begin to shut off lights and make your way to bed. 

work overwhelm expert career advice

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Take A Look At Your Long Term Vision

Anxiety has a myopic view of life. Work overwhelm forces us to look at career problems with a microscope. When feeling stressed about work, take a birds eye view of the situation.

Take a list of what you intended to achieve in life with your career. Recenter your efforts on your long term goals – 1 year to 5 years. Make daily strides with your long term career goals in mind. Refuse to let go of your vision with every career choice you make.

work overwhelm complainers negative people career advice

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Distance Yourself From Complainers

Raise your vibes so high that complainers can’t reach you. The expression “misery loves company” is profoundly true in this situation. Distance yourself from short-term pleasure seekers and complainers.

If your co-workers don’t have value to add to a conversation, cut it short. You don’t need the negative influence to make you feel defensive, paranoid, and critical. Instead, choose to align yourself with those people who focus on solutions oriented thinking.

work overwhelm career counseling new york city london

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Get Expert Career Help To End Work Overwhelm

Focus your energy on solving the source of your job anxiety by getting expert career guidance.

Know what you don’t know. The wealthiest professionals understand this fundamental fact. Paying for expert help cuts down the amount of time and energy it could have taken for you to learn what they know on your own. And, with all of the added value, you’ll experience major change in the rest of your life, too.

This is why I’ve developed the Surf Safari Career Guide Pack. This Guide Pack contains 6 hours of comprehensive career coaching and intuitive emotional intelligence training to end work overwhelm. With zero risk, why not end work overwhelm for good? Find out how to live your dreams in a state of happiness.


Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you’re ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie’s guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc’s weekly newsletter.

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