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6 Tips For Having A Long And Successful Career, Part 1

Have you ever wondered how others develop and sustain thriving careers? Do you feel it’s time for you to do the same? My two part advice column will help you develop what it takes to begin and create a worthy and successful career. 

1. Have A Clear Vision

The difference between a job and a career is determined by the vision. No matter the job, one can build a career through vision, that is what they wish to create in the world around them as a result of their individual input. When we look at things from that perspective, our responsibility and power grows from miniscule to magnanimous.

Many people wander through the wilderness that is the job market not knowing, nay deciding, what they want so they float from one thing to another as soon as they change their mind or are faced with struggle. Before one knows it, they’re starting over from scratch even more miserable than the day before. Don’t let this be you.

When we define a vision we ask ourselves the following: What do I want to create for myself and my family? and What do I want to create for the world? A vision can be broken down into life defining missions as well as achievable goals and objectives to aim for. When we know what we want and can see it in our mind’s eye, we can then align our values towards achieving goals each moment of everyday. We’re not only creating something to live for, but a message we want to send into the universe long after we’re dead and gone. Are you up for this type of responsibility and greatness? Read on.

2. Believe In Yourself

Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. It’s not enough for us to have a vision. We must know who we are and believe in ourselves, not succumbing to fear and self-doubt. We doubt our talents, we doubt our abilities and skills, and we doubt that the universe will respond to our requests and desires. Then, almost without saying, we give up. Everything around us stops, the momentum is lost, and we’re forced to pick up the pieces, often scraps, that make up our careers.

Some people don’t move to the next step in their career evolution because they are self-defeating or they give up on themselves because they find they are not worthy of success. I’m here to tell you that you are – unequivocally, totally, undeniably worthy.

Sure, we don’t have all the answers, we’re limited in resources or skills, there’s a lot we need to learn and a lot we’ll never know. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have what it takes RIGHT NOW to move from one step to the next. Keep your thoughts on the present moment and know that you’re entitled to success in realizing your vision.

3. Hone Your Craft

The amazing thing about every kind of job is that there are always new and evolving ways of doing and being. That means we’re invited to explore, to learn, and to do better with every passing day. It’s our decision to accept this invitation and hone our craft by developing skills and abilities that will take us to the next level of experience and knowledge.

Some of the most miserable professionals are those who are too arrogant to acknowledge that they, too, must constantly do better. There is no such thing of being at a place when we know it all and the world stops spinning because there is nothing left to be conquered or learned. Don’t allow yourself to get too comfortable and instead challenge yourself each day in small measurable ways. Allow humanity’s natural curiosity overtake you and lead you to never before imagined places. You just might surprise yourself if you open up yourself to others, humble yourself, open up your mind and allow inspiration to flow in as you devote yourself to your craft.

**Read Part 2 here on how to have a long and successful career.


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