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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

6 Powerful Ways To Overcoming Criticism [VIDEO]

My Story of Overcoming Criticism

As a coach with a strong intuition, I am no stranger to criticism. Criticism happens because of my unique way of helping people heal themselves. Not everyone is going to agree with my methodologies, philosophies and perspectives. Some people don’t believe that there is life after death, in the ability to see the energy around people, and some people don’t believe in the vastness and infiniteness of spirit. And that’s OK.

You don’t have to believe any of that to see me. And if there is one thing that’s for sure, you’re going to feel better after seeing me. And that’s all that matters. Because of all things, that’s real. Well, at least real to you.

Dealing with criticism can take away our personal power. In fact, it can dis-empower us to the point where we feel like we can’t do anything, or feel human, or that we exist. Or don’t feel that what we are doing or who we are has any purpose in life. Dealing with bullying and criticism is a bummer, but it’s an opportunity to grow and to heal and see ourselves in righter and better ways. And, to love people more than they love themselves.

Trust Your Soul To Give You Affirmative Signs

A few years ago, I started to experience the call of Spirit – meaning seeing the signs and symbols, and the holograms of my friends who have passed over spook me in the hallway of my house, and my great grandmother who died in the 80s come and see me and tell me about the major life stories in my life that literally happened, it seemed pretty crazy. I had to follow them because I couldn’t stay miserable.

So, I went to see a psychiatrist and told her about all of these things. And she said, “I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you’re having a spiritual awakening.”

And that was the turning point from which I stopped denying, ignoring, and criticizing my experiences into finally accepting them.

Accept Yourself And Shut Off The Critical Internal Dialogue

Being able to accept my gifts was a major turning point in my life because it meant that I had to change the story of who I am, my inner dialogue, and who I believe I am as a person and what I believed my life was supposed to be life. It’s pretty crazy, but you have to take a leap in the dark and hope that a net comes to get you.

When I came out, similar to how gay people come out, it was scary because I didn’t think people would accept me for who I am. I thought people would call me crazy, call me names, and I even feared that my own family would attack me online – and some of them actually have. But I worked through all of that and coming out as an intuitive – as someone who senses Spirit with extra sensory perception – I was able to overcome these fears, face them head on and deal with the insecurities and beliefs I had about myself, friends, and family, and the world in general.

Increase Your Personal Vibration

Dr. David Hawkins writes in his book Power Versus Force that there are different levels of consciousness and awareness. And, each level carries with it a vibration. And that vibration carries within that a physical experience which could be as low as anxiety, fear, hopelessness, all the way to elation, joy, happiness, and peace. All of us live in these different levels of experience in different areas of our lives. Sometimes, we live in these low areas, but we’re actually prompted by our own spirit to grow to get higher and better.

Thanks to my experiences, I have been able to come out and rise above my own criticism that I had in my own head – those criticisms that people throw at me like, “Oh, this isn’t real,” “She’s scamming people.” “This isn’t real.” “She could make all of that up.”

I got past all of that because at one point, I too, thought all of those things through and I had to work through them. When I hear them from others, it reminds me that they’ve got something things they’ve got to work through. And how I feel about it is… nothing.

The Proof Is How We Feel About Criticism

Because I have worked through criticism and have risen above all of that, it doesn’t bother me. If someone says critically, “Oh, you’re taking advantage of people” I don’t believe it because the proof is in the pudding. In ten years of helping people, I’ve had a lot of fun seeing people change their lives in drastic ways.

I may not help them change their life 100% percent . In fact, it’s not my job to change anybody but to help them change themselves. But what I can tell you is that if someone walks through my doors and feels an inch better then I’ve done my job. Because that means they’ve gotten this much closer to who they really are and their truest power.

Recognize Your Own Reality And Be Comfortable With Alternate Realities

It’s important to realize that not everyone can see, hear, and feel the ways we can. And, we have to understand and accept those differences. The perceptions of the world are different for every person. We don’t make fun of people with nearsightedness and say they can’t see the world in the right way. It just means they don’t see it differently. And we help them find ways to correct that. Not everyone can see holograms, visions or dreams. I dare say that it’s what makes me more aware of my surroundings. And, perhaps more aware of my reality.

Focus On The Goodness of Your Experience

Now, one of my friends told me that I was being criticized during my Straight Talk with Ross podcast on YouTube live and he was pretty worked up about it. I told him that during my experience on that show I had a wonderful time and I felt what was real – the love, warmth, and laughter in that space. No one can take away from that experience how I felt and they can’t re-write it. It takes a lot of self-confidence to be able to do that and it’s my job to help people to search within themselves to get that self-confidence that was always there.

Sometimes, the journey is about overcoming our own fears and the criticisms we say to ourselves in secret. Now, that I’ve dealt with all those fears and criticisms, I don’t let them bother me anymore and remind me of how far I’ve actually come. And, that’s the same that can happen for you when you face down your fears and criticisms involves with phobias.

If you can face down your fears and make peace with them – no matter what anybody says or does towards you – you’ll know that what others do is not a reflection of you but one of them. And, that’s something they have to work through. And if you ask me, that’s true personal power.

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