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5 Ways To Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits

Change Your Life And Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits

#1. Let Go Of The Weight

The first way to use hypnosis to create healthy habits is to begin by losing weight.

I helped a woman lose over 35 pounds in one month with little change to her diet and exercise routine. For exercise, she walked forty five minutes per day and ate small, healthy portions. There was nothing extreme about her diet and exercise. And, yet, she managed to shed the pounds with little effort.

Here’s why:

First, instead of saying she was going to lose the weight, we programmed her to change her phraseology. I pointed out that losing something carries emotional burden of loss. We decided together that she would instead say she was releasing the weight. It was something she wanted to let go for good.

Second, we looked into the reasons why she held onto the weight. There were benefits to staying fat. These benefits protected her and kept her safe. We discovered that she kept the weight to protect herself from her mother. She revealed that her mother was mean and cruel to her. And so, she kept the weight on as a shield. It was all metaphorical, but the physical results showed itself through obesity.

Third, I helped this woman realize the connection between food cravings and emotional cravings. She used food as a tool to help her feel better. The food helped her feel calm, grounded, and warm. Instead, we helped her find ways to meet her own emotional needs without the use of food. Listen To My Childhood Abuse and Trauma Self-Hypnosis Recording.

#2. Cut Down On Junk Drinks

I used to have a Coca-Cola habit. I would drink one Coke a day at about the same time. With hypnosis, I realized that I used the Coke as a way to reward myself. The reward made me feel good about my work efforts and helped me stay motivated each day.

After this realization, I made a new connection with self-reward and deprivation. I learned that I would deny myself of other sweet items like cakes and desserts. And, since a Coke “didn’t count”, it was my way of avoiding sweets. I used hypnosis and the act of measuring out every spoon of sugar to see how much sugar actually goes into a can of Coke. The shocking realization made me understand that other treats contained way less sugar. And, that it was OK to reward myself with treats from time to time.

Now, I no longer have the craving to drink Coke or sugary drinks. I programmed a new habit of checking the sugar content of a drink. And, I ask myself if I need to eat instead of drink my calories. I used hypnosis to create healthy habits that improve my motivation and pleasure centers.

#3. Get Deep Sleep

Insomnia is one of the most common issues I help people heal. Clients report racing thoughts, inability to sleep, and feeling like they just can’t shut off their brain. I have experienced insomnia myself. And, it is common knowledge that sleep deprivation increases anxiety and depression.

There are quite a few reasons why people cannot sleep. They might be experiencing post traumatic stress from a traumatic life event. They might be worrying about a project that is on a tight deadline. Or, might be experiencing ruminating thoughts.

Whatever the reason may be, I help insomniacs identify the emotional and subconscious roots to their restless nights. With hypnotic suggestion, most insomniacs find themselves experiencing better, deeper sleep. Listen To My Insomnia Self-Hypnosis Recording.

#4. Slow Down Your Pace

High achievers often come to see me because they can’t seem to relax. No matter what they do, they feel like they cannot disconnect from their work. They feel distracted by their thoughts and worries. And, they are unable to engage mentally and emotionally with their families.

I have discovered that many people suffer from what I call is “time poverty”. They have all the financial and material resources they need. However, they do not seem to have “enough time”. They feel trapped in the rat race and can’t seem to get off to enjoy what they have. And, they feel creatively stuck because they are too busy reacting to life circumstance.

I use hypnosis to create healthy habits concerning time management and slowing down the pace of life. I get my clients to realize that they have all the time in the world to accomplish their specific goals. And, to trust in perfect timing for all things. With hypnosis, it’s possible to become aware of break times and moments of pause to increase creativity. Listen To My Anxiety Self-Hypnosis Recording.

#5. Beat Addictions

My friend and fellow hypnotherapist said in a State of Happiness podcast episode that addictions are often rooted in shame. People can break free of self-destructive habits with hypnosis. Some common additions are drug, alcoholic, cigarettes, and even sex addiction.

By tapping into unresolved emotions, addictions are often healed in as little as one day. It’s true that people have to want to stop unhealthy habits. But, once they are ready and willing to make permanent lifestyle change, hypnosis can help pave the way. Listen To My Smoking Cessation Self-Hypnosis Recording.

Have You Used Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits

I am curious to know if you have used hypnosis to create healthy habits. Have you changed your lifestyle thanks to hypnosis? Did you find a way to improve your life with hypnotic suggestion? What did you learn?

Share with me and the Happy Camper community by posting a comment below.


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