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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Are you ready to quit your job? Have you dreamed about telling off your boss and storming out? Have you fantasized about going to lunch and never coming back? You might not be as ready as you think. Consider the following before saying “I quit.”

CONSIDER: YOUR OPTIONS Sometimes, leaving the company all together does not have to be the only solution. Have you considered moving to another department? Is there a possibility to work from home? Perhaps it’s time for a promotion because you have outgrown your current position.

CONSIDER: YOUR NEXT MOVE Do you already have a job lined up? You’ll need to work out the administrative details with your boss. You’ll need to figure out how much of a notice your boss needs before you leave. Do you need to finish any remaining projects? Transfer clients to another account executive in your department? Do you need to meet with HR for an exit interview?

CONSIDER: YOUR FINANCES If you do NOT have a job lined up, you should either ask yourself if you can realistically support yourself and your dependents while conducting your job search. Do you have enough for emergencies, too? Will you be able to apply for unemployment benefits? Check into your finances if you are not already closely managing your finances.

If you do not have enough money to float you until the next job, consider how long you can live in employment hell as you begin or continue your job search.

CONSIDER: YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Can you leave amicably? You never know if you’ll need a good word from your boss, so do you best to end the work relationship professionally. It is certainly never easy to make a clean split, but it is possible. As mentioned earlier, give proper notice and follow the appropriate channels of leaving. Leaving on a positive note, even if the work experience was tough is a sign of character. Can you afford people basic courtesy?

Will you need to collaborate with your colleagues down the road? Will you find their expertise useful as you move on? Ask your colleagues if they would consider continuing a professional relationship in a different context.

CONSIDER: THE LONG TERM How does quitting your job fit into the grand scheme of your career? If you fast forwarded into the future and looked back on your career, how would you have handled the situation? How can you explain this career move to your family, friends, acquaintances and future employers? What does this career move mean?

Consider all of these points. If you are not sure of your next step and what this career move means to you, reach out and talk about it with an objective someone who help you leave on a positive note.


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