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5 Steps To Start Your Job Search The Expert Way

As a job search expert and certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I’ve spent more than decade helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives find new jobs, get promotions and make career changes. Assure movement in the right direction with a few focused actions.

Make Your Job Search Count With Five Core Steps

If you’re looking for a job, do it how I’ve been teaching my clients for over a decade. These essential steps will help you make the most of your job search from day one. If you take my advice, you’ll end up feeling confident, make 30% more money, and love what you’re doing.

Step 1. Start Your Job Search With Vision

The first place to start is to examine the connection between your professional world and your personal world. Our lives are spinning tops that seek to create balance in our lives. Some areas are out of whack, while others are strong. As a job expert, I focus on leveraging the strong areas to strengthen the weak areas.

Many unhappy professionals spend their lives avoiding all the things they don’t want to do. And, because of this, they find themselves ruminating on the worst case scenario and imagining workplace conflicts that never happen. A job search expert will divert your attention and train you to look in the right direction. As I’ve learned through snowboarding, you will go where your eyes take you.

As a result of shifting focus, priorities change and therefore action steps. Are you stressing about little fish, when you could be catching a big one? You know that the effort for both is exactly the same. So, shift your focus and work on what makes you happy.

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Find your next big break with the Surf Safari Career Guide Pack Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Step 2. Clear Confidence Blocks Using Your Intuition

As a career coach who happens to be a psychic medium, an important and enlightening part of my job is to correct the energy imbalances that create confidence blocks: What karma do they have that is affecting this point in their lives? What habits and thoughts are infiltrating their emotional and physical bodies? What self-sabotaging choices are they making because of their deep seated fears? Do you know how to do these things for yourself? The most successful and mindful leaders can.

With an intuitive process, it’s possible to search within your intuition to explore your personal motivations and get values based inspiration. It’s easier to know what you want to do with your life, when you know what fears are stopping you from doing them. Subconscious fears come from childhood during formative years. Most career beliefs and attitudes come from key role models in our lives. You may be holding onto beliefs that aren’t helping you – removing them from your consciousness takes skills beyond typical career coaching model. These skills involve using tools like hypnosis, EFT, Reiki, and therapeutic neurolinguistic techniques.

Separating what works and what doesn’t work in your life is an intuitive and expert process that reveals life changing perspective. With clear empowering perspective, confidence is the fuel of success.

Step 3. Get Leadership Tools From A Job Search Expert

Making a career change or new job requires leadership skills. Leaders need to resolve conflicts, inspire and motivate others, and unite mutual desires to achieve common goals.

If you find yourself experiencing conflict at home due to finances or resistance from a spouse for leaving a safe job for the unknown, leadership skills are important at this time. A job search expert will teach you how to navigate personal challenges. You will also learn how to manage family relationships during what many consider a scary time.

Learn how to network and build relationships the right way. Foster positive attitudes that strengthen strong professional relationships. Garner respect from colleagues and forge trust with new communication tools.

Step 4. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Getting a new job is not the only goal. Successful job search expert will train you how to cultivate happiness, confidence, and peace through the job search process. Many fear changing jobs because they believe that the process will be painful. This doesn’t have to be so with the right job search expert.

Stress reduction techniques such as guided mindful meditation help to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, and physical pain. Learn how to step into the core roots of anxiety and heal them once and for all. Psychological pain contributes to why most people do not follow their dreams. Clearing emotional pain clears away anxious and fearful thoughts.

With emotional intelligence coaching, the job search process turns into a personal growth journey instead of a search for a another job. Many learn while conquering their fears that much more is possible.

Step 5. Tell A New Professional Story

The final guide post of the job search expert’s way is to help you build a new professional story. A new story develops from the job search process. Storytelling is now easy because you’ve taken the time to mindfully overcome challenges. You successfully resolved personal conflicts, strengthen professional and leadership weaknesses, and corrected imbalances in your life. If you are a young professional, read up on these tips. Because you feel more whole and worthy, your inherent value goes up. Therefore, your salary negotiation game becomes stronger.

Not only does a new professional brand story become a part of your ethos, it becomes a part of your business model. When job seekers have a new story, the new chapter is ready to start. After ten years of executive coaching, I firmly believe that when you tell a new story, you can live a new life. A job search expert will be able to help you tell a new story that makes for happy endings.


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