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5 Inspiring Asian American Women of the 21st Century

Who Inspires Me, An Asian American Woman?

As an Asian American woman, I wanted to recognize a few of my favorite and inspiring Asian American women of the 21st century during Women’s History Month.

#1 Inspiring Asian American Women: Chloe Kim

chloe kim inspiring asian american woman

Photo Credit: GettySport

As a snowboarder, I find Chloe Kim to be an inspiring Asian American woman in snowboarding history. She began snowboarding when she was only four years old. And, at seventeen, she is a world famous Olympian snowboarder.

I didn’t know any Asian women snowboarders growing up. The only ones I knew about lived in Asia. So, to see an Asian American woman take the gold for her country in a sport dominated by white men and women, it was refreshing to see. Chloe Kim certainly changes the face of American snowboarding.

# 2 Inspiring Asian American Women: Sasha Foo

sasha foo inspiring asian american woman

As a San Diegan, we have a special place in our hearts for news anchors. Sasha Foo is San Diego’s KUSI news anchor, Emmy Award winner, and San Diego local. Interestingly, Sasha was the first Asian American news reporter at CNN in Atlanta ever.

Sasha keeps us informed on all of the happenings in San Diego – and, she also uses her platform and skills to raise money and awareness for charitable causes. Sasha has also shared stories about post traumatic stress and normalizing mental illness.  Sarah Woo’s presence on television represents a large Asian American population in San Diego county.

#3 of Inspiring Asian American Women: Margaret Cho

inspiring asian american woman

Asian American women are often stereotyped as serious, but for me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there might be an element of intensity when it comes to duty, family, and honor. However, humor is a huge part of Asian life and Margaret Cho takes it home for me.

A comedian, an actress, and the creator of the first Asian American family TV show on television, she laid the path for the second, hit Asian American family TV show, Fresh Off The Boat. An author, too, Cho also writes about political issues and is an advocate and friend of the LGBT community. Cho is also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and is not ashamed to tell her story.

#4 of Inspiring Asian American Women Lisa Ling

I remember watching Lisa Ling on Channel 1 news when I was a middle schooler in the 90s. Her professionalism inspired me to write. Lisa Ling’s ease in thoughtfully discussing global issues lead the way for me to study international affairs in college. As a young person, Lisa Ling impacted the trajectory of my career as a storyteller, writer, and educator.

Lisa was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 40.

Inspiring Asian American Woman #5 Mindy Kaling

inspiring asian american women

Photo Credit: @marikasanuki

Like or love her characters, Mindy Kaling, is a woman about her business. Ambitious and funny, Kaling is creating a career and life her way. She admits that she is not conventionally beautiful by American standards, but her self-belief has taken her far.

I’ve been following Kaling’s career since 2005. She’s taken opportunities into her own hands by writing and producing. Instead of being an Asian American complaining about injustice in the entertainment industry, she pushes through nevertheless.

Your Turn: Who are the inspiring Asian American women in your life?

Who are the Asian American women in your life that inspire you? Share your favorites in the comments. I want to know!

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