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  • Leslie Juvin-Acker

10 Ways To Experience A Great Psychic Reading

Psychic Medium Leslie Juvin-Acker Shares 10 Tips For A Great Psychic Reading

1. Come With An Intention

When having a psychic reading, I recommend clients having an intention because it allows the energy to concentrate directly on the area of concern. I’ve had some clients come in and say, “I just want to see whatever comes up”. If you come in with this intention, then be ready for information that you may not be ready to hear.

One time, a client just came in and said “I just want to see what you have to say.” and proceeded to be completely silent during the rest of the reading. Spirit brought up their financial choices and their anti-social behavior which were acting as blocks to their highest good for business and love. The client said, “No, I don’t want anyone to bother me and I have no intention of changing.” Well, not much I can do for you there, but at least you have insight from Spirit about that. You might not like it, nor be ready for such “confrontational” information, so better focus on the subject areas that you want to hear about, because Spirit always goes right for the sore spot – even if you can’t see or consciously feel them yourself.

2. Be Respectful

Intuitives are deeply feeling and sensing humans. Not only do we feel our own emotions and energy, we feel those of others. With that said, we are sensitive to any disrespect and negativity that clients bring in to a reading . If you are skeptical or unclear about the information that Spirit brings through, take the information with a grain of salt and keep an open mind for the future and how it will make sense later on. You can also say, “That’s not very clear at this time. Can you tell me what exactly Spirit is showing you?” This can help me to hone in on the energy and focus on it better. If it’s not totally clear, examine it later and then move on.

I’m not here to “perform” and “amaze” you. I’m here to help and guide you for your highest good – whatever that may be – and to help facilitate your own healing. A psychic reading can be really fun and can be healing at the same time. Respect our sincere effort to help and leave any notions of our performing to shock and amaze you at the door.

3. Have An Open Mind & Realistic Expectations

If I’m not interpreting the information that comes through in a way that makes sense for you, then please be patient and ask me what it is I see, hear, or feel. You might have a different understanding to the symbols than I do. I am human and I do my very best to learn a lot about history, geography, the world in order to be sure I have a large frame of reference to pull symbols from. I may not always be accurate in my interpretation, so I will just tell you what I see, sense, and feel and allow you to determine what the symbols might mean within your frame of reference.

I might be feeling your energetic blocks or that you’ve created boundaries that I can’t access. Sometimes, I can’t read the energy of another person because I don’t have permission to access their information (this can happen if a partner knows their partner is going into a reading and can set up an energetic embargo). I might be feeling very tired after an intense healing or psychic reading session. This is why I only do readings at a max of 5 hours a day, because it can be very, very draining on me and a reason why good intuitives have high rates (little time and high demand). I am human and can be feeling weak in channeling Spirit if there are some obstacles in the way. Be patient with the process and work with me to achieve the best possible reading for you.

4. Relax

Do your best to relax before a psychic reading (avoid drugs and alcohol as they cloud your energy and discernment). A psychic reading can be exciting and nerve wracking because we want to get as much information and insight from Spirit in a short amount of time. That energy can bounce from place to place, especially if you’re thinking about someone else while trying to get a reading about something else – I can pick up on that energy telepathically and it can be hard for me to focus between the energies and your thoughts.

If you’re nervous, let me know. We can make small talk for a few minutes until you’ve calmed down. Ask me for a glass of water, take a deep breath, and allow your thoughts, feelings, and emotions step aside so that you can receive messages from Spirit. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for me to read your energy and channel Spirit.

5. Semantics: Ask the right questions

You can ask two different, yet similar questions and have two totally different results:

Example: Will I have a baby? Answer – NO. Is it in my highest good to welcome and give birth to another child into my family? Answer – YES.

Semantics are very, very powerful when asking Spirit questions. Why? Because Spirit and the Universe are very precise in giving you want you put your mind on. And, depending on how YOU ask the question, the answer can be totally different.

For example, when someone asks me if they will have another baby, they might want to have another baby, but their partner will not accept that idea at this time. So, when it comes to free will in this moment, the answer is no because one or both partners chooses not to welcome a baby into their family at that time. Can their decision change from one day to the next? Of course, so this is how a reading can be inaccurate later on. Now, if giving birth to another child is in your highest good for whatever spiritual mission you, your partner, and the child might need to undergo, then the answer will be yes. Remember, you are responsible for the answers as your questions are the ultimate determinant of the answer you’ll get. Spirit is very precise, so be mindful of that.

6. Call Forth Your Loved Ones

Before going into the psychic reading, call your loved ones by name and ask them to appear. They may come forward in Spirit or they may not (depending on what message you need to hear for that particular reading). Calling forth their energy makes it stronger for intuitives to read.

7. You Don’t Need To Talk Too Much

Sometimes, clients will spend 50% of the reading explaining their behavior and choices, pinpointing it to their astrological sign, or telling me more details than I need about a subject area. Sometimes, clients will tell me details right before I can get a chance to validate that information. Talking too much keeps me from touching on the most important messages that Spirit is sending through and can become very distracting because I’m trying to listen to you and Spirit at the same time. Imagine being at a party and two or three people started talking to you at the same time. It’s pretty hard to focus! Remember, you’re not the only person in the room. Leave room for Spirit or your loved ones have their say. Don’t feed us information, but you can certainly validate it or say that it’s not clear and needs more clarity.

8. Focus on growth and healing

Psychic readings are for your own personal and professional growth and healing. Coming in with this mindset will allow you to be more open minded about the information that comes up and can help give you a perspective to fully see issues that you may have not previously considered. If Spirit brings up a “touchy” subject like abuse, then it’s most likely because there is still room for healing and growth. Be open and allow the insight to help you achieve new levels of happiness and peace.

9. Take notes or record

There is a lot of information that comes through and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at that moment because we don’t have the insight and the resources to fully understand it at that time. It’s OK. Take notes or record the session and keep it for your private use and reference. You might gain additional insight and you can see how things have changed since then.

10. Remember, You Have Free Will

No matter what an intuitive says in a reading, you always have free will. I might tell you that it is in your highest good to stay married to your spouse, but you can choose to cheat, lie, and deceive them – that’s your choice and free will – and you will eventually find yourself divorced.

You might not like that Spirit says that there is a home in your future that is not in your desired neighborhood – you can change that, too. Will it be for your highest good to search elsewhere? Maybe. Maybe not. After all, we create and participate in (whether “good” and “bad”) the experiences we need to grow and learn. Sometimes, I might tell you things that don’t resonate at all. This could be for a number of reasons – one of them is that you’re in the present process of creating a future you don’t want. Be mindful of that.

Intuitives read the energy and someone like myself who can see your energetic past and your potential futures based on what you choose now. If you don’t like what you hear, then do something about it! You’re the creator of your experience!

With this, don’t hang your future on every word we tell you. We’re not gurus, masters, or any more special than you are. We don’t need that kind of expectation and you don’t need to give away YOUR power. Your life is in your hands, we’re just here to help give you a different perspective.


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