Leslie Juvin-Acker is a money psychology and emotional intelligence expert. She delivers impactful educational and inspirational experiences as a professional speaker and money psychology subject matter expert. Leslie is the author of four books, most recently The Money Formula: Change Your Relationship with Money in 7 Steps & 15 Minutes or Less.


She is the creator of the Happiness Decks app and The Money Formula Academy online course.  She coaches leaders in the area of money psychology in a variety of industries including biotech, tech, pharmaceuticals, banking, action sports, and more.


Leslie Juvin-Acker is San Diego's best known money psychology coach. Leslie was born in the Philippines to a mother who was a former child sex worker and a military father. Her family moved frequently, also living in Berlin, Germany shortly after the fall of Communism.


In 1995 the Tennant family was awarded a home by Habitat for Humanity. Leslie overcame extreme working poverty and domestic violence. And, with a little less than $900 to start and no support from her family, Leslie worked and paid her own way to earn a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Comparative Politics with a minor in Sociology from the University of North Florida in 2007.


Shortly after in 2008, Leslie began her career as a career coach by answering the calls of professionals (including her own husband, Franck) who were devastated by the global financial crisis. In 2009, the couple moved to France where Leslie became fluent in French and she continued coaching professionals in Europe and globally. Leslie taught at AFPA, France’s national vocational school. She also went on to teach unique programs for personal and professional development to MBA and International Trade students at the private INSEEC business school in Chambery, France.

In 2012, Leslie experienced debilitating postpartum anxiety and depression. It was during this time that Leslie’s lifelong intuitive abilities took a more prominent role in her life. To understand her abilities and take back control from anxiety and depression, Leslie ventured into the healing arts becoming a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, EFT practitioner, and energy therapist.

Leslie successfully overcame anxiety and depression using the techniques she learned. And, she eventually incorporated the work of an intuitive, career coach, and life coach into her business practice. This unique skill set has powerfully shaped the lives of thousands of professionals around the world including celebrities, professional athletes, and leaders of global corporations. Leslie’s influence shapes the ways that clients live their lives in that they make more money, heal broken relationships, find meaningful work, and recover from trauma to feel greater peace and personal satisfaction.

With the great success of her work, Leslie rebranded into Leslie Inc. in 2017 with the mission of providing solutions for finding happiness to stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs struggling to find financial security and prosperity. Leslie’s vision, as a money psychology coach, embodies the belief that happy leaders make a happy world. Leslie Inc. offers one-on-one coaching sessions, WorkHappy Retreats for business and educational institutions, as well as self-help tools.

Today, Leslie is the trusted friend of thousands of clients, readers, and listeners across the globe, spreading the message of financial happiness with intuitive insight and practical solutions. She shares success stories of hope and transformation at her Happiness Blog and also at her podcast called The State of Happiness. Leslie was also the expert executive life and career contributor at, the premier networking platform for the lifestyle industry for three years.


She wrote the books Spiritual Ideals For Leaders and #DRIVE: Essential Career And Leadership Advice From The Lifestyle Industry’s Leading Executive Coach. She is the creator of The Money Formula Academy online course and the Happiness Decks App. Author of the best selling book The Money Formula: Change Your Relationship With Money in 7 Steps and 15 Minutes or Less.

Leslie speaks to organizations and coach executive, celebrity, and artists throughout the world on how to create wealth and feelings of financial security with emotional intelligence and imagination. Leslie is presently pursuing a Juris Doctorate in Law. 


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