Happy Leaders make for happy corporate cultures.

End Boring, Awkward, & Pointless Company Retreats

Let’s be honest, most company retreats are lame.

WorkHappy Leadership Retreats help companies struggling with cultural crisis and sensitivity, boost morale from poor company performance, rejuvenate growth, and reestablish brand loyalty from the inside.

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WorkHappy Mindful Leadership Retreats

Always fun. Always happy. Never boring.

 WorkHappy Retreats solve real issues in an insightful and impactful format are a fun and fast solution to inspire young and dynamic business leaders because happy corporate cultures make for happy brands and customers.

WorkHappy Workshops

Experience pre-designed and ready to start workshops at an exceptional value.

Sales Training

Get more sales with confident sales managers. Break down emotional and mental barriers that keep your team from landing big clients and making big sales.

Mindful Leadership For Managers

End unnecessary conflict. Change and influence your corporate culture. Develop a sense of teamwork and open communication that makes real, positive change.

Creativity Workshop For Creators & Designers

Translate your brand culture into products that catch your audience eyes. Awaken creative channels and end procrastination and self-sabotage.

Customer Service Training

Help your service team handle conflict and complaints. Give them tools to turn any complainer into an evangelist. Build a strong culture built around the spirit of service.

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Get Core Skills That Matter 

Let’s be honest, most company retreats are lame.

WorkHappy Leadership Workshops & Customized Retreats Change The Face of Mindful Leadership Retreats. Below are the skills your team will take away.

Build Trust & Advocacy

Experience non-corny, happy ways to build trust.

Vision Building

Develop purpose and a strategy that everyone can be happy about.

Emotional Intelligence

Discover the power of emotional intelligence and powerful ways to feel happy.

Conflict Resolution

Discover the causes of conflict. Get simple tools for resolution.

Guided Meditations

For creative problem solving and deep relaxation.

Fireside Chats

Facilitating mindful leadership discussion to solve real workplace issues.

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Find Your Happy Retreat With Us.

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